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Event Coverage
Topic Author Description
An Independent Developer's Look at the Game Developer Conference
[Added: 10/12/1999]
Geoff Howland  Focuses on how independent developers can use the GDC to promote their product and find publishers. 
Asian Game Developers Summit 2005, Day One
[Added: 10/13/2005]
Er Lern Loh  Coverage of the first day of the Asian Game Developers Summit 2005 
Asian Game Developers Summit 2005, Day Two
[Added: 10/16/2005]
Er Lern Loh  Coverage of the first day of the Asian Game Developers Summit 2005
At the Indie Games Con 2002
[Added: 11/11/2002]
David Michael  The Indie Games Con, hosted by Garage Games in Eugene, OR, was an exciting time of meeting with other indie game developers, swapping experiences, and looking to the future. This article covers the IGC in overview, and provides coverage of the keynote address and several of the more notable presentations. 
Austin Game Conference 2003 Summary
[Added: 9/23/2003]
Sande Chen  Sande provides a summary of the first Austin Game Conference, held Sept 11-12 in Austin, TX. 
Austin Game Conference 2005 Report
[Added: 11/1/2005]
Dave Astle and John Hattan  Our coverage of the third annual Austin Game Conference
Austin Game Conference and Women's Game Conference 2004 Report
[Added: 9/27/2004]
John Hattan and Sande Chen  Coverage of the AGC and WGC
Demo Night V
[Added: 2/27/2007]
Drew Sikora  Coverage of the NY IGDA Chapter's Demo Night V event 
E3 2004 Impressions
[Added: 5/26/2004]
Dave Astle and Tiffany Smith  Our coverage of the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo 
Free Play: Australian Indies Come Together
[Added: 5/29/2004]
David Michael  Our report on Free Play 2004, an independent game developers conference in Australia. 
Game Developers Conference 2000
[Added: 6/16/2001]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2000 GDC 
Game Developers Conference 2001
[Added: 6/16/2001]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2001 GDC 
Game Developers Conference 2002
[Added: 4/3/2002]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2002 GDC  
Game Developers Conference 2003
[Added: 1/30/2004]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2003 GDC 
Game Developers Conference 2004
[Added: 3/21/2004]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2004 GDC 
Game Developers Conference 2005
[Added: 5/10/2005]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2005 GDC 
Game Developers Conference 2006
[Added: 4/18/2006]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2006 GDC 
Game Developers Conference 2007
[Added: 1/22/2008]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2007 GDC 
Game Developer's Conference 2008
[Added: 2/29/2008]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2008 GDC. Keep checking back every day for new content this week! 
Game Developer's Conference 2009
[Added: 3/25/2009]
GameDev.net Staff  Our coverage of the 2009 GDC. 
GDC 2002 Moderator's Report: Developer Quality of Life Roundtable
[Added: 4/3/2002]
François Dominic Laramée  A summary of the discussions from the first roundtable dedicated to the delicate topic of quality of life in the game industry. 
GDC 2002 Moderator's Report: The Freelancer's Roundtable
[Added: 5/3/2002]
François Dominic Laramée  FDL presents his report of the Freelancers' Roundtable he moderated at the 2001 Game Developers Conference.  
GDCE & ECTS 2004
[Added: 9/13/2004]
Alex Maitland-Walker  Detailed summary of GDC Europe and ECTS 2004. 
Indie Games Con 2004 - Shovels, Consoles, Coin-Op, and Portals
[Added: 10/18/2004]
David Michael  The IGC was held Oct. 8-11 in Eugene, OR. Here's our summary. 
NATPE: Where Content is King
[Added: 2/10/2002]
Anne Toole  Anne Toole reports on the 2002 NATPE conference, and the opportunities it presents to game developers. 
QuakeCon 2002
[Added: 8/19/2002]
John Hattan  GameDev.net pays a visit to the biggest LAN party of them all. 
Serious Games Summit 2004 Report
[Added: 11/8/2004]
David Michael and Sande Chen  Coverage of the first standalone Serious Games Summit, held October 18 – 19, 2004 in Washington, D.C. 
SIGGRAPH 2003 Report
[Added: 8/15/2003]
Dave Astle  We finally sent someone to SIGGRAPH. Here's a summary of what it was all about.  
SIGGRAPH 2004 Report
[Added: 8/28/2004]
Dave Astle  SIGGRAPH is the top conference for the graphics industry, and contains a lot of useful information for game developers as well. This is our summary of SIGGRAPH 2004. 
SIGGRAPH 2006 Report
[Added: 8/26/2006]
Kelly Murdock  Our summary of some of the events from SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston. 
The 2001 Classic Gaming Expo
[Added: 10/4/2001]
Shelly Hattan  Several members of the GameDev.net staff recently attended the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. This is a report of what they saw. 
XGDC Report
[Added: 1/10/2000]
Dave Astle  My impression of the first Xtreme Game Developers Conference, hosted by André LaMothe. 
XGDX 2003 Report
[Added: 9/12/2003]
Kevin Hawkins and Dave Astle  Our coverage of the inaugural Xtreme Game Developer's Xpo, presented by Premier Press/Course Technology. 
XGDX 2004 Report
[Added: 10/27/2004]
GameDev.net Staff  Summary of the 2004 Xtreme Game Developer's Xpo. 
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