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Companies that are a part of or related to the game industry, including developers, publishers, recruiters, etc.
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Subcategory: Developers
Name Location Description
3D Realms
[Added: 5/19/2000 Clicks: 8137]
Texas  Best known for the Duke Nukem series. 
Atomic Games, Inc.
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6500]
Texas  Since 1991, Atomic Games has created 10 separate products that comprise the V for Victory, World at War, and Close Combat series. Atomic’s Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far, was recently included in PC Gamer’s Top 50 Computer Games of All Time list.  
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6480]
Brisbane, Australia  Auran, creators of the RTS hit "Dark Reign", and "Harn: Bloodline" RTE. Also developers of the Sage engine. 
Avalanche Software
[Added: 10/29/2001 Clicks: 5832]
Salt Lake City, UT  Developer of over a dozen successful console titles. 
Bethesda Softworks
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6528]
Rockville, MD and Olympia, WA  The award-winning creators of three highly acclaimed series: Wayne Gretzky Hockey, The Elder Scrolls (Arena, Daggerfall, and Morrowind), and The Terminator, as well as other games. 
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 8208]
California  With hits like Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, Blizzard is generally recognized as one of the best in the biz. 
DreamWorks Interactive
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6817]
Los Angeles, CA  DreamWorks Interactive is the creators of Medal of Honor, Clive Barker's Undying, and many other PC and console titles. 
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6647]
Eugene, Oregon  The developers of Tribes 1 and 2, Starseige, Bass Fishing, The Incredible Machine, Red Baron, Aces of the Pacific and countless others. Closed by Sierra in 2001. 
id Software
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 7595]
Dallas, TX  Developer of the Quake series. 
Jellyvision, Inc.
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 5806]
Chicago, IL  Jellyvision is a creative company specializing in the invention of completely original interactive experiences. The company's focus is to pioneer a form of interactivity that is, unlike a web-site, a full-screen, audio-visual experience, with the pacing of television and the creative production values to engage a truly mass audience. 
Origin Systems
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6295]
Austin, TX  Creators of the legendary Ultima and Wing Commander series, and many other classics. 
Paradox Studios
[Added: 1/5/2005 Clicks: 2313]
Mumbai, India  With an extensive portfolio and a proven track record of chart success, Paradox Studios is one of India’s most prominent game developers. 
SharkByte Software
[Added: 5/20/2002 Clicks: 4889]
Houston, TX  Creators of the TiburonGX engine. 
Shiny Entertainment
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6192]
Laguna Beach, CA  In the past five years Shiny has carved out a reputation for itself creating innovative titles such as Earthworm Jim, MDK, Wild 9, Stunt Copter, and Messiah.  
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6742]
Japan, Worldwide  Well-known creators of the Final Fantasy series, and other classics such as Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, Bushido Blade, Legend of Mana, and more. 
[Added: 9/30/2004 Clicks: 2218]
Michigan  Stardock has been creating and (sometimes) publishing their own games for about 10 years now, from the original Galactic Civilizations for OS/2 to today's Political Machine. 
Westwood Studios
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 6274]
Las Vegas, NV & Irvine, CA  A prominent developer of best-selling PC and next-gen console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood has released several popular titles including: Dune 2000, the Lands of Lore series, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Monopoly for the Internet, Blade Runner and the Command & Conquer product line. 
Subcategory: Publishers
Name Location Description
Electronic Arts
[Added: 10/29/2001 Clicks: 7048]
Worldwide  The largest game publisher in the world, representing dozens of brands. 
[Added: 5/19/2000 Clicks: 6594]
USA and Europe  Large publisher representing Atari, Humongous Entertainment, WizardWorks, and others. 
[Added: 10/29/2001 Clicks: 6145]
International  Publisher for Red Storm, Blue Byte, and many others. 
Xtreme Games, LLC
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 7662]
San Jose, CA  André LaMothe's comapany provides publishing oppportunities and support for independents. 
Subcategory: Recruiters
Name Location Description
Game Recruiter
[Added: 5/20/2000 Clicks: 8733]
  Author of Get in the Game and one of the top recruiters for the game industry. Several of us here at GDNet have had good experiences with them. 
mary-margaret.com Recruiting and Business
[Added: 5/19/2000 Clicks: 7138]
  All of the recruiters with mary-margaret.com have previously worked for game companies! 
Subcategory: Service Providers
Name Location Description
20/20 Labs, Inc.
[Added: 1/10/2001 Clicks: 5673]
CA  20/20 Labs is an independent test lab that specializes in game testing, as well as hardware, software, and website testing, certification and validation  
[Added: 3/11/2002 Clicks: 4709]
  Blindlight is the Hollywood production resource for the videogame industry. Our disciplines include voice-over production, music production, scriptwriting, artistry, sound design, and localization. We leverage the talents of a broad network of specialized Hollywood professionals in each of these areas to save producers money, time and effort, while improving quality. 
Digital Motion Picture
[Added: 3/19/2003 Clicks: 3402]
  Provides a wide ranges of services for game and other digital media developers. 
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 5972]
Canada  GameAgents is a licensing and consulting agency to the Interactive Entertainment industry. 
[Added: 5/24/2001 Clicks: 5568]
  Japher is a game developers marketplace. Where you can buy or sell graphis, sounds, outsource projects, training etc. We feature games industry directory, careers, programming and more.  
NxN alienbrain
[Added: 3/9/2000 Clicks: 5145]
  NXN alienbrain is the complete Digital Production Management (DPM) solution for entertainment projects. It combines a scalable digital asset management system with a powerful set of project management and workflow tools that take your production performance to the next level. NXN alienbrain has proven its value in hundreds of projects by increasing control and transparency and providing a flexible platform for your best production practices. It makes your projects more profitable and your company more valuable. 
Software Completions, Inc.
[Added: 4/11/2001 Clicks: 5409]
NC  Provider of software production and fulfillment services. Software packaging, printing, media replication, assembly, project management, distribution, fulfillment, and e-commerce. 
Thomas Register
[Added: 5/18/2000 Clicks: 5732]
Canada  If you need something manufactured, be it a CD, a box, or a playing piece, this is the place to look. It is a searchable list of thousands and thousands of manufacturers in America. This is the electronic version of that eight shelf-feet of large green books that you see in every manufacturing company. 
Subcategory: Tools and Middleware Vendors
Name Location Description
[Added: 3/30/2004 Clicks: 2479]
  NAVTEQ is the content provider of real world digital data including digital maps of North America, Western Europe, the Middle East and a variety of other locations, as well as custom projects. As the largest supplier of data in the vehicle, internet/wireless, business, government and location based games industries, NAVTEQ digital maps include up to 150 road attributes and more than 45 point of interest categories, 2D building footprints, live traffic flow information, phonetic data and more. 
[Added: 4/2/2004 Clicks: 2703]
San Diego, CA  SmartDraw is the easy drawing tool for game developers and other software professionals who need to quickly and easily create detailed and accurate design diagrams. You can try SmartDraw free for 30 days and see why leading game developers like Sammy Studios are using it to standardize the design process. 
Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.
[Added: 3/19/2003 Clicks: 3753]
San Mateo, CA  Stottler Henke offers SimBionic(tm) software, a visual authoring tool and runtime engine for creating complex behaviors in computer games more quickly and easily, through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).  
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