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Product Reviews

GameDev.net is pleased to provide our own reviews of products specifically geared toward game developers. The purpose of these reviews is to give you a glance into game development products available in the marketplace.
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Book Review 
Product Reviews
Topic Author Description
Sumo Urban Lounge Gear
[Added: 8/21/2008]
John Hattan  John reviews a couple of gameroom gadgets for lounging about. 
The Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator and the Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat
[Added: 5/16/2008]
John Hattan  We review a couple of hardware bits for gamers. Do the products live up to the pretension of their names? Read and find out. 
Subcategory: Book Review
Topic Author Description
Awesome Game Creation: No Programming Required, Third Edition
[Added: 1/7/2008]
John Hattan  Write a game without code? Can it be done? 
Beginning C ++ Through Game Programming, 2nd Ed.
[Added: 8/22/2007]
John Hattan  The popular C++ via games tutorial gets a second edition. 
Beginning Game Programming with Flash
[Added: 4/11/2008]
John Hattan  We review Cengage's latest beginner-level tutorial on Flash game development. 
[Added: 7/19/2007]
John Hattan  A novel whose plot is based around game development and an evil AI. Worth your time? Find out. 
Data Structures and Algorithms
[Added: 7/5/2007]
John Hattan  We review this game development book to find out if it's worth your money 
Microsoft Visual Basic Game Programming for Teens, 2nd Ed
[Added: 1/14/2008]
John Hattan  Is VB.NET L33t enough for today's teen game developers? Find out here. 
Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creators Guide
[Added: 10/16/2007]
John Hattan  We review one of the first book tutorials for XNA development. 
Torque For Teens
[Added: 2/2/2008]
John Hattan  We review the latest in the "For Teens" series. Is it good for teens? Is it good for you? Find out here. 
Ultimate 3D Game Engine Design & Architecture
[Added: 10/23/2007]
John Hattan  Another "Ultimate" book. Does this one live up to its lofty title? 
Ultimate Game Programming With DirectX
[Added: 8/8/2007]
John Hattan  We review this book - is it truly "ultimate"? 
Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, Second Edition
[Added: 8/30/2009]
John Hattan  We review the latest edition of Course/Gamedev/NeHe's OpenGl programming tutorial for beginners. 
Game Programming for Teens, 3E
[Added: 2/6/2009]
John Hattan  The third edition of Maneesh Sethi's "strictly for beginners" BASIC programming book is out. Read a bit about it here. 
iPhone Game Development
[Added: 12/30/2009]
Joel Davis  We review O'Reilly's latest book on developing games for something called an "iPhone". Ever heard of those? 
Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better
[Added: 9/10/2009]
John Hattan  With this review we delve into the need to organize one's life, how being organized can make one a better programmer, and if this book even fits into that equation. 
3D Game Programming for Teens, Second Edition
[Added: 8/15/2009]
John Hattan  We review this book. Does it improve on the first edition. Is it more suited for teens? Let's find out. 
3D Game Textures, Second Edition
[Added: 7/1/2010]
John Hattan  We review a book covering an often-overlooked piece of 3D game development. 
ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns
[Added: 11/5/2007]
John Hattan  You can implement design patterns in ActionScript? Is the book on how to do it any good? Find out here. 
ActionScript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds
[Added: 12/28/2009]
John Hattan  We review a book on how to build your own virtual world on a shoestring budget. 
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Unleashed
[Added: 4/15/2009]
John Hattan  Uh oh. Dreamweaver CS4 is unleashed! And this unleashing can apparently can be restrained by a giant manual. What will be the result of this battle between product complexity and giant friendly manual? Read and find out. 
Advanced 2D Game Development
[Added: 1/14/2009]
John Hattan  We review Jonathan Harbour's latest book on advanced 2D development in C++. 
Artificial Intelligence for Games, Second Edition
[Added: 1/6/2010]
John Hattan  We review the latest edition of a cornerstone work of game AI. 
Beginning DirectX 10 Game Programming
[Added: 10/29/2007]
John Hattan  Does it really cover DirectX 10? Is it really for beginners? Is it any good? Find out here. 
Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK
[Added: 2/17/2010]
John Hattan  We review a well-recommended iPhone programming tutorial. 
Beginning iPhone Games Development
[Added: 6/8/2010]
John Hattan  Lots of iPhone programming books out there. Some are game-specific, some not. Is this book worthy of the avocado on the cover? Let's find out. 
Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI
[Added: 10/11/2009]
John Hattan  We review one of the latest titles in applied AI for games, specifically about modeling human behavior and decisions. Will it be useful in your games? 
Beyond Reality: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming
[Added: 8/28/2007]
John Hattan  What is an Alternate Reality Game, how do you implement one, and does this book show you how? 
Building Social Web Applications
[Added: 12/12/2009]
John Hattan  We review O'Reilly's latest guide to designing and leveraging social networks. 
Challenges for Game Designers
[Added: 10/22/2008]
John Hattan  What exactly are "non-digital exercises for video game designers"? We find out in this book review. 
Collaborative Online Game Creation
[Added: 7/12/2009]
John Hattan  What exactly is Collaborative Online Game Creation? Is it for you? Read this review and find out. 
Cooking for Geeks
[Added: 10/12/2010]
John Hattan  Just for fun, we check out a cookbook with a heavy technical bent. Is it all tech, or is it fun? 
Exploiting Online Games: Cheating Massively Distributed Systems
[Added: 9/13/2007]
John Hattan  We review a how-to manual on cheating in online worlds 
Freedom (TM)
[Added: 7/27/2010]
John Hattan  We review the long-awaited sequel to the novel Daemon. Do the game developers take over the world, or do they destroy it? 
Game Coding Complete, Third Edition
[Added: 1/15/2010]
John Hattan  We review the latest edition of Mike McShaffry's huge (literally and figuratively) contribution to game development. 
Game Development Essentials: Game QA & Testing
[Added: 11/6/2009]
John Hattan  We review the latest book documenting the art of game QA and testing. 
Game Graphics Programming
[Added: 8/28/2008]
John Hattan  There's now a second edition of Allen Sherrod's handbook on graphics for games. Any good? Find out here. 
Game Physics, Second Edition
[Added: 7/14/2010]
John Hattan  We review the second edition of the exhaustive textbook on physics for games. 
Going to War: Creating Computer War Games
[Added: 7/28/2009]
John Hattan  In a departure from "Creating 3D Stuff" fare, we check out a book on making 2D turn-based computer war games. Worth a look? Find out here. 
Java ME Game Programming Second Edition
[Added: 11/14/2007]
John Hattan  We review Thomson's latest J2ME tutorial. 
Learn to Tango with D
[Added: 6/15/2008]
John Hattan  We follow up on last week's free chapter from the D book with a full review. 
Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide
[Added: 7/3/2008]
John Hattan  Another top-tier game console with an easy way to create content without entry barriers? Learn how here. 
Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius
[Added: 5/15/2008]
John Hattan  We review TAB Books' newest title in their very oddly named "Evil Genius" series. What's it all about? Read and find out. 
Protecting Games
[Added: 7/9/2009]
John Hattan  We review Course Technology's latest game-oriented handbook on protection for online and offline content. 
The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses
[Added: 4/24/2009]
John Hattan  Another book on game design? Is there anything about game design that hasn't been said already? Should I get this book if I already know about game design? All questions will be answered in this review. 
The Design of Design
[Added: 6/12/2010]
John Hattan  The latest work from "The Mythical Man-Month" author. Does it stand up to its predecessor? 
The Essential Guide to Flash Games: Building Interactive Entertainment with ActionScript 3.0
[Added: 5/15/2010]
John Hattan  Yes, more Flash content this week. We review a new and very complete tutorial on Flash game development 
The Race for a New Game Machine
[Added: 4/30/2009]
John Hattan  We review a book on the race to make the bestest game-console CPU in the world. Is this a worthy followup to "The Soul of a New Machine", or is the book lacking in soul?  
Twitter API: Up and Running
[Added: 5/7/2009]
John Hattan  Twitter is trendy. O'Reilly has a book on how to leverage Twitter's API so that you can be trendy too. Read about the book here. 
Unity Game Development Essentials
[Added: 1/29/2010]
John Hattan  We review this book-length tutorial for the Unity 3D game engine and development system. 
XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed
[Added: 10/25/2009]
John Hattan  XNA Game Studio is the way to go for indie game development on XBox 360 and Zune. We review one of the latest tutorials on it. 
XNA Game Studio Express
[Added: 11/20/2007]
John Hattan  We look over another tutorial for the popular XBox & PC game framework. 
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