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More and more schools are beginning to offer courses, and even full degrees, in game development related fields. Here you'll find all that we're aware of.
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Name Location Description
Academy of Interactive Entertainment
[Added: 3/5/2001 Clicks: 12261]
Canberra and Melbourne, Australia  The Academy of Interactive Entertainment [AIE] was established in 1996 and is Australia's peak non-profit Registered Training Organisation for the Australian Computer Games Industry. It specialises in 3D Computer Graphics, games programming and games design. Unlike many other schools offering degrees in game design, the AIE's program is designed not only to educate the student, but also to get them actual jobs working within the animation industry as quickly as possible.  
Anhembi Morumbi University
[Added: 12/8/2004 Clicks: 5692]
Sao Paulo, Brazil  Offers a 4 year degree in game design. 
Art Institute
[Added: 6/1/2001 Clicks: 10911]
USA  Offers a Game Art and Design course at many of their locations. 
Becker College
[Added: 10/22/2008 Clicks: 885]
Worcester, Massachusetts  Offers Bachelor of Arts degrees under the Interactive Entertainment major, with a concentration in either programming or design. 
Bournemouth University
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 8525]
Bournemouth, UK  Postgraduate MA with specialist pathway in games. Parallel MSc and MA Animation and MA Effects pathways enable collaborative projects. Also have BA Computer Animation course which includes opportunities to pursue games related projects. Within the Media School have courses in Sound and Music design. Many alumni in Games industry. 
Bradford University
[Added: 3/18/2003 Clicks: 5940]
UK  Offers an Interactive Systems And Video Games Design BSc. They also offer related degrees in Computer Animation etc. The courses are run as part of the school of informatics, in the EIMC dept. The degree covers basic programming, an introduction to DirectX, level design, project management, AI, game design etc. 
Bristol Community College
[Added: 8/17/2003 Clicks: 5843]
MA, USA  The Computer Information Systems Department at Bristol Community College is offering a certificate in Game Development. The college plans to expand this certificate into a full degree option. Students will graduate from this certificate with an understanding of all aspects of electronic game production. The first four courses consist of foundation classes that introduce the different specialties involved in electronic game creation. The last four courses build on this foundation as students work with more advanced visual concepts, level design and game programming. During the last courses, students will work as a team to design and develop their own electronic game. The certificate may be earned by taking courses during regular college hours or by taking our fast track weekend program where you can earn the certificate in 2 semesters. 
Champlain College
[Added: 1/5/2005 Clicks: 3380]
Burlington, VT  Champlain College offers accredited bachelor’s degree programs focused on the three foundations of video games: programming, graphic design and art & animation. If your interests lie in the software development aspect of gaming, explore the B.S. in Electronic Game Programming major. For those interested in design or art & animation, consider the B.S. in Electronic Game & Interactive Development. Working in teams in an environment modeled after the industry, students use the skills gained in core classes to design and produce video games. Champlain's programs are designed with input from industry experts and award-winning game designers. Students make the most of Burlington, Vermont, and nearby Montreal, while enjoying a unique and engaged campus. (800) 570-5858. 
Charles Sturt University
[Added: 1/29/2003 Clicks: 5133]
Bathurst, Australia  Offers a 5 year Bachelors of Science in Computer Science(Games Technology). 
Cogswell Polytechnic
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 8769]
Sunnyvale, CA  Offers a B.A. in Digital Art and Animation with majors in Game Development, Modeling and Animation. Coursework emphasizes innovative design, fast implementation and iterative development in a collaborative studio environment. Other degree programs include Digital Audio Technology, Digital Arts Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering. 
Cornell University
[Added: 3/6/2009 Clicks: 680]
Ithaca, NY  Offers a minor in Game Design 
Daniel Webster College
[Added: 3/2/2005 Clicks: 2559]
Nashua, NH  Offers a Computer Game Development Certificate. 
[Added: 2/28/2005 Clicks: 3915]
Chicago, IL  The Game Dev Program at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois offers undergraduate and graduate study in game programming, production, design and animation, with an emphasis on team project courses. We have strong ties to the Chicago game community, including our Industry Advisory Board and many working instructors. 
DeVry University
[Added: 4/24/2006 Clicks: 3049]
Various  Offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Game and Simulation Programming at several campuses. 
[Added: 10/10/2000 Clicks: 13790]
Redmond, WA  One of the best-known and well-established schools dedicated to training game developers. 
Duquense Univerisity Multimedia
[Added: 10/17/2000 Clicks: 9675]
Pittsburgh, PA  New Program at Duquense Univeristy in Pittsburgh offers a Bachelors and Masters Program in Multimedia technology. Classes include Character Animation, modeling and animation and game creation. 
East Tennessee State University
[Added: 4/21/2004 Clicks: 3611]
Tennessee  Offers several concentrations in Digital Media 
Edison Community College
[Added: 3/2/2005 Clicks: 2542]
Piqua, OH  Offers a two-year degree (A.B.) in Computer Games Programming and Design. 
Entertainment Technology Center @ Carnegie Mellon University
[Added: 3/21/2004 Clicks: 4473]
Pittsburg, PA  The ETC at Carnegie Mellon University offers a two-year Masters of Entertainment Technology degree. The high concept behind both the Center and the Masters program is having technologists and fine artists work together on projects that produce artifacts that are intended to entertain, inform, inspire, or otherwise affect an audience/guest/player/participant. 
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 7528]
France  Offers a course in computer game design, development, and AI. 
Expression Center for New Media
[Added: 5/2/2002 Clicks: 7063]
CA, USA  Expression Center for New Media offers accelerated bachelor degree program in 3D character animation including a special fx, story writing, game development, textures, lighting, motion capture, and rendering. A 1-to-1 student-to-machine lab ratio insures experience with a wide variety of software and hardware platforms. 
Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
[Added: 3/2/2005 Clicks: 4238]
Orlando, FL  The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) offers an industry-based graduate gaming education in a world-class facility in downtown Orlando. Students earn an accredited Master's degree in Interactive Entertainment with areas of specialization in 3-D modeling, animation and motion, technical artistry, software development, and production management. 
Full Sail Real World Education
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 9639]
Winter Park, FL  Offers a B.S. in Computer Science (Computer Game Development). The program is 21 months long, has students in class and labs 40 hours per week, and provides over 1100 hours of hands-on programming training as well as a number of courses in design, software architecture, liberal arts and machine architecture. They have placed recent graduates in such companies as EA-Tiburon (Madden), Raven Software, Bioware, Big Huge Games, and many others. 
Georgia Insitiute of Technology
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 9190]
Atlanta, GA  The Computer Science college of Georgia Tech offers classes at the GVU center (Graphics, Visualization, and Usability) about animation, virtual reality, etc. The college also has classes for game programming and development. 
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 7531]
Hong Kong  The Multimedia Innovation Centre at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers certificate programs in game design and game programming. The Centre also runs weekly workshops that cover a variety of topics from "game play analysis" to game-related techniques (such as low polygon count modeling). 
International Centre for Digital Content - Liverpool John Moores University
[Added: 7/3/2001 Clicks: 7602]
Liverpool, UK  The ICDC runs a one year MA in Digital Games. All students will be exposed to the game design theories and production methods unique to the games industry and will obtain specialist skills in 3D modelling and animation. They will produce an innovative portfolio of work relevant to game development.  
ITT Technical Institute
[Added: 5/18/2004 Clicks: 5990]
USA  Offers a bachelor's degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. 
Liverpool John Moores University
[Added: 11/15/2005 Clicks: 2152]
Liverpool, UK  The School of Computing at Liverpool John Moores University has been running an MSc in Computer Games Technology since 2000 and a BSc since 2002. Both courses aim to equip students with the skills need to develop modern computer games. The undergraduate course covers design, engineering, programming and maths with workshops to cover team building of games. 
MA Digital Games
[Added: 6/18/2001 Clicks: 8051]
Liverpool, UK  The homepages of the MA Digital Games based at the International Centre for Digital Content, in Liverpool England. A full or part-time Masters Degree in all aspects of contemporary computer and video game design. 
Michagan State University
[Added: 4/24/2006 Clicks: 1870]
East Lansing, MI  Offer a Game Design and Development specialization for undergrad students majoring in Computer Science, Art, or Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media. 
Michigan Tech
[Added: 6/21/2004 Clicks: 4129]
Michigan  Officially starting in fall of 2004, the Michigan Tech game development enterprise will allow students to experience running and maintaining a small game development company, managed by students with the guidance of some of the faculty. The purpose of this enterprise is to prepare students for a career in the game development field, in both the development and administrative aspects. 
Milwaukee School of Engineering
[Added: 7/10/2007 Clicks: 1056]
Milwaukee, WI  The Milwaukee School of Engineering offers a Software Engineering degree which includes modules focused on game development. 
Montgomery College
[Added: 2/2/2004 Clicks: 3940]
MD, USA  Montgomery College is a two year community college located in Maryland, the East Coast hub of the gaming industry. Our new web gaming and simulation certificate allows students to develop graphics, animation, programming, web and database skills necessary for success in this growing field. (Degree programs are also in development.) 
New Media Facility at the Canadian Film Centre
[Added: 11/29/2002 Clicks: 5760]
Toronto, Canada  Post graduate program.  
Palomar College
[Added: 4/21/2004 Clicks: 3802]
San Diego, CA  Offers courses in game programming 
[Added: 8/13/2000 Clicks: 8805]
Brisbane, Australia; Munich, Germany; Amsterdam, The Netherlands  This one-year, full time course includes 3D programming, 3D animation, networking programming, C/C++, game design, script writing and graphic design for both console and computer based games development 
Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 7975]
Troy, NY  RPI offers interdisciplinary programs in Minds & Machines(M&M) and Electronic Media, Arts, & Communication(EMAC). M&M emphasizes on creating games/robots with excellent AI. EMAC is about producing digital arts and music which are the important components of every game. 
Rochester Institute of Technology
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 7873]
Rochester, NY  First degree in Software Engineering. Other game-related majors: Computer Science, Animation. 
Seneca College
[Added: 6/24/2006 Clicks: 1874]
Toronto, Canada  Seneca College’s Animation Arts Centre offers programs in animation arts (three-year diploma), three one-year post-diploma programs in 3D character animation, gaming, and visual effects. Programs are designed to give the student the skills necessary to succeed in both the traditional and computer animation production industry. Developed to meet the specific demands of animation studios in need of highly-trained animation artists well versed in both traditional and computer forms of animation, the curriculum focuses on the development of individual creative expression using experimental and innovative animation techniques. 
Shawnee State University
[Added: 9/28/2004 Clicks: 3301]
Portsmouth, OH  Offers 2 4-year degree tracks in computer game design and simulation, one more geared to programming and one more geared to design. Students from both work together on a project. 
The Art Institute
[Added: 6/1/2001 Clicks: 8255]
USA  With locations in more than 20 US cities as well as online offerings, their program in Game Art & Design is well worth checking out. 
The Art Institute of Vancouver
[Added: 5/15/2001 Clicks: 8409]
Vancouver BC  A private school which offers diplomas in Game Art & Design and Visual & Game Programming. 
Univeristy of Abertay Dundee
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 7747]
Dundee, Scotland  Abertay Dundee offers a BSc Honours Degree in Computer Games Technology or Computing with Games Design. 
University of Advancing Technology
[Added: 12/7/2001 Clicks: 7689]
Tempe, AZ  UAT is an accredited, private, four year university. Focused around technology, their unique college degree programs include: Game Design, Network Security, Digital Animation, Computer Programming, Multimedia Design, E-commerce, and more. Courses available on campus (Arizona) or obtain your degree on line. 
University of Baltimore
[Added: 4/28/2008 Clicks: 789]
Baltimore, MD  Offers a Bachelor of Science in Simulation and Digital Entertainment. 
University of Delaware
[Added: 2/5/2002 Clicks: 6214]
  Offers a concentration in Game Design as part of their CIS degree. 
University of Denver
[Added: 2/11/2005 Clicks: 2893]
Denver, CO  Offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Game Development and Studio Art, Bachelor of Arts in Game Development and Electronic Media Arts Design, Bachelor of Arts in Game Development and Digital Media Studies, Bachelor of Science in Game Development and Animation 
University of Essex
[Added: 1/7/2001 Clicks: 7515]
Essex, UK  Offers an undergraduate degree in Computer Games and Internet Technology. Used to offer an MSc in Computer Games Engineering but dropped it to support the undergrad program 
University of Lincoln
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 7809]
Lincoln, UK  The B.Sc. in Games Computing aims to equip graduates for employment or further study with particular emphasis on game programming, game design, 3D modelling and animation. The M.Sc in Advanced Games Computing is geared at graduates from computing degrees (or related subjects), provides the specialist skills relating to computer games development. Advanced topics such as artificial intelligence, games programming, 3D Graphics APIs (including RenderWare) and mobile games development are included. 
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
[Added: 3/6/2009 Clicks: 506]
Lafayette, LA  Offers several game development courses through the Entertainment Computing Research Group. 
University of Michigan
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 8337]
Ann Arbor, MI  Offers a course in Computer Game Design and Development. 
University of North Texas
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 15789]
Denton, TX  Offers a certificate in game programming. The certificate requires a four-course sequence and may be taken as part of a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or information technology. The courses include two classes in game programming, a class on game math and physics, and a game development class that will allow students to pursue specific projects on specific topics. 
University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology
[Added: 11/15/2005 Clicks: 2463]
Ontario, Canada  Offers a Bachelors degree in Game Development and Entrepreneurship. 
University of Southern California
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 7688]
Los Angeles, CA  Besides having an excellent CS program in general, USC also offers a minor in Multimedia, which includes several courses directly related to game development. 
University of Southern California
[Added: 12/8/2004 Clicks: 3713]
Los Angeles, CA  Offers a Masters of Fine Arts in Interactive Entertainment (backed by EA) and an undergraduate minor in Video Game Design and Management. 
University of TEESSIDE
[Added: 2/19/2001 Clicks: 6977]
UK  Offers wide variety of Degree courses which relate to game development like Bsc(Hons)Interactive Computer Entertainment and Bsc(Hons)Visualisation 
University of Texas at Dallas
[Added: 3/6/2009 Clicks: 677]
Dallas, TX  Offers an Arts and Technology(ATEC) major. Classes offered include: storyboarding, 3D animation, programming, game design, level design, sound, game development, etc. 
University of Washington Educational Outreach
[Added: 6/26/2001 Clicks: 7112]
Seattle, WA  UWEO offers more than 100 onsite and distance learning certificate programs to students and working professionals. The following distance learning certificate programs are currently being offered in cooperation with the UW Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering: C Programming, C++ Programming, Embedded and Real-Time Systems Programming, Introductory Computer Programming, Java 2 Enterprise Programming, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML. Contact Advising and Recruitment at 1-800 543-2320 and press 5. E-mail certif4@ese.washington.ed 
Wake Technical Community College
[Added: 4/22/2008 Clicks: 741]
Raleigh, NC  Offers a curriculum in Digital Gaming Technology. 
Westwood College Online
[Added: 3/27/2007 Clicks: 1783]
Across the USA  Offers degrees in Animation, Game Art & Design, and Game Software Development, as well as related courses in things like Graphic Design or Communications. 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
[Added: 6/22/2005 Clicks: 2407]
Worcester, MA  Offers a degree in Interactive Media/Game Development. 
Guildhall at SMU
[Added: 2/23/2004 Clicks: 6622]
Plano, TX  The biggest names in game development partnered with SMU to build The Guildhall and its 18-month digital games education program. Graeme Devine, Levelord, Tom Hall, Paul Jaquays, John Romero and more helped write the curriculum, and students work in teams to build three complete games for their portfolios. Are you ready to learn from the best? 
Savannah College of Art and Design
[Added: 8/7/2001 Clicks: 6391]
Savanna, GA  Offers degrees including Computer Art. 
Subcategory: Training
Name Location Description
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 8752]
Los Angeles, Boston, Portland, UK  3D Graphics Programming with OpenGL and Direct3D provides an in-depth introduction to fundamental 3D graphic concepts, such as camera control, lighting, and animation, and the OpenGL and Direct3D APIs for applying these concepts. This course examines effective C++ strategies to design and introduce efficient auxiliary math classes and hierarchical frameworks required when programming advanced graphics. 
Digital Media Academy
[Added: 6/18/2005 Clicks: 2374]
CA, TX  In summer 2005, The Digital Media Academy (DMA), a Stanford University accredited organization, will offer a series of Game Creation courses at Stanford University, the University of Texas, and in San Diego. All courses are taught by professional 3D modelers and published game designers. The courses are from 5-days to 3 weeks in length. Choose from Programming for Game Design, Game Creation with 3ds max, Flash Programming or Game Production. All courses are open to teenagers 13 and older. 
Eni Oken's 3D Online Workshops
[Added: 5/29/2001 Clicks: 10009]
Online  Eni Oken is an award-winning 3D artist offering exclusive online workshops for 3D and game artists. Her online workshops range from fantasy design to texture creation, and offer a solid opportunity for those who cannot attend traditional courses. Learning online requires dedication, but can be far more rewarding than live classes. 
Halfbrick Studios
[Added: 7/11/2001 Clicks: 6956]
Queensland, Australia  Providing quality 3D Game development training and industry experience using the most uptodate developments. 
Red River College - Market Driven Training Centre
[Added: 5/22/2000 Clicks: 11317]
Winnipeg, MB  Interactive Games Design Course teaches a broad range of topics in the field of interactive game development. In this 52 week program students will learn everything from 2d/3d animation, story development, time, project, and stress management, image manipulation and texture creation, video and sound editing, entrepreneurship, and so on. Definetley a good course for those looking to break into the art side of game development. 
Game Institute
[Added: 4/8/2001 Clicks: 17735]
Online  GameInstitute offers a variety of affordable high-quality game development courses covering many of the latest cutting-edge technologies and techniques delivered on-line. Our inexpensive courses are both written and taught by successful industry authors and professional game developers. Whether you are a beginner who needs some help getting started, or you are an experienced game programmer looking for additional knowledge, GameInstitute is confident that you will discover a number of courses that suit your experience and interest levels. 
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