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Art Collections

Links to sites containing models, textures, and other art resources, often available free of charge.

For more information about Art Collections, check out:

Resources Listed: 20
3D Models 
Subcategory: Sprites
Name Rating Description
Ari Feldman's SpriteLib
[Added: 8/11/1999 Clicks: 33377]
A collection of 700 animated sprites that used to be free. 
FlashStand 2D Sprites
[Added: 3/3/2004 Clicks: 18075]
Lots of sprites ripped from games that are probably not safe to use, but there are a few original collections as well. 
Game Graphics @ Molotov.nu
[Added: 11/11/2002 Clicks: 24091]
Hundreds of free 2D art resources. 
Hermann Hillmann's Character Pack
[Added: 1/1/2000 Clicks: 27984]
A nice collection of fully animated character art. 
[Added: 8/11/1999 Clicks: 25731]
An inexpensive collection of over 2000 sprites. 
Subcategory: 3D Models
Name Rating Description
3D Cafe's 3D Models
[Added: 10/19/1999 Clicks: 20837]
Hundreds of free models. 
[Added: 1/18/2002 Clicks: 17295]
Has a nice collection of over 100 free models, mostly in 3dsmax format, as well as others you can buy. Also has a small collection of textures. 
Ghoulish Arts
[Added: 3/20/2003 Clicks: 11385]
Nice collection of 3D models and other resources. 
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 23423]
Has a huge collection of game models. 
Romka's 3D Models
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 12885]
Lots of models. Usage terms uncertain. 
Subcategory: Textures
Name Rating Description
3D Cafe's Photographs
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 9069]
A wide variety of photographs. 
3D Cafe's Photographs
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 9069]
A wide variety of photographs. 
3D Cafe's Textures
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 11438]
Hundreds of high-quality textures. 
Free Textures from Blade of Darkness
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 12598]
Several hundred textures, free for non-commercial use. Be sure to read why the artist is providing them to the public. 
Hyperfocal Design
[Added: 5/22/2004 Clicks: 4251]
Hyperfocal Design offers high quality, high resolution textures to a wide variety of customers, ranging from computer game developers to architects and film/tv studios. Creators of "Hyperfocal Skies" and "Hyperfocal Terrains". 
Marlin Studios
[Added: 4/13/2000 Clicks: 8813]
High-quality texture libraries, used by such top game companies as Dreamworks, Westwoood Studios, DreamForge, Digital Anvil and many many others. Not free, but very affordable. 
Romka's Textures
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 8931]
Lots of textures. Usage terms uncertain. 
SMW Enterprise
[Added: 6/16/2002 Clicks: 9230]
A nice collection of free textures. 
Sub Dimension Studios
[Added: 11/14/2004 Clicks: 3864]
Offering the "World Matters Texture Library". A highly resourceful compilation of Architectural and Natural texture collections of superior quality and for any budget. Each collection includes the Originals, 1024x1024 seamless and 256x256seamless versions. Add the touch of believable virtual realism to your 3D animation, Architectural visualization, Video Game development and general graphic art. 
TransmogrifyingTextures Vol. I
[Added: 7/14/2003 Clicks: 8017]
A collection of over 200 high-resolution, general-purpose, tiling, production-ready, real-time texture maps. Download them and use them in your work! From NVIDIA. 
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