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Scripting Languages and Mod Development

This section covers the closely related topics of scripting languages and game modifications.

For more information about Scripting Languages and Mod Development, check out:

Resources Listed: 60
Scripting LanguagesMod Development
Game ModsModding Websites
Subcategory: Scripting Languages
Topic Author Description
Adding Languages to Game Engines
[Added: 2/22/2000]
Robert Huebner  A great introduction to scripting languages. Includes a close look at the scripting language used in Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. 
An Introduction to Lua
[Added: 4/30/2003]
Ash Matheson  Lua has become popular as the basis for scripting languages in games. This article provides an introduction to the language. 
Building Hybrid Systems with Boost.Python
[Added: 7/14/2003]
David Abrahams and Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve  Covers how to easily integrate Python with C++. 
Concerning Lisp
[Added: 6/21/2003]
Kaveh Kardan  This article is intended to be a quick overview of the Lisp family of languages, providing a glimpse into what makes the language different from other programming languages. 
Continuing GameMonkey Script: Advanced Use
[Added: 8/4/2009]
Oli Wilkinson  The long-awaited continuation of the Introduction to GameMonkey Script series, covering advanced aspects of the GM language, the virtual machine API, and threading 
Creating a Scripting System in C++ Part I: An Introduction
[Added: 1/14/2002]
Greg Rosenblatt  This series is intended to give the reader the information necessary to create a scripting system of his/her own from the ground up. This article provides an overview of the series and begins to lay the foundation of the scripting system. 
Creating a Scripting System in C++ Part II: Data Manipulation
[Added: 2/1/2002]
Greg Rosenblatt  Explains how to enable your program to handle dynamic situations by adding optional data components to your instructions. 
Creating a Scripting System in C++ Part III: Dynamic Loading
[Added: 3/13/2002]
Greg Rosenblatt  Covers two approaches to loading scripts, as well as scanning and matching. 
Creating a Scripting System in C++ Part IV: The Stack and Program Flow
[Added: 4/16/2002]
Greg Rosenblatt  This article will introduce a stack and program flow concepts which will eventually allow modeling higher-level languages with simple bytecode instructions. 
Creating a Scripting System in C++ Part V: Functionality
[Added: 1/28/2003]
Greg Rosenblatt  The latest installment in this series illustrates a way to implement primitives to support the abstraction of a high-level function, and calls to hard-coded "external" functions. 
Creating Moddable Games with XML and Scripting Part I
[Added: 10/4/2004]
Oli Wilkinson  This series covers techniques to create easily modifiable games involving XML and scripting. The first part introduces using XML for storing game data. 
Exporting C++ functions to Lua
[Added: 5/5/2009]
Magnus Österlind  This article shows a way to achieve type safe interaction between C++ and Lua. By utilizing the Boost::FunctionTypes library, we’re able to automatically detect the number and types of the parameters in the exported function, making the procedure for registering a C++ function as simple as a single function call with a name and a function pointer 
Extremely Simple Scripting Engine
[Added: 5/25/2003]
Cyberdrek  Intended for people just getting started with developing scripting engines, this article provides a simple implentation and accompanying explanation. 
Fast Scripting - a pre-compiled approach
[Added: 5/31/2001]
Micheal Ireland  Explains a method of creating high performance scripting using assembly-like instructions. 
Game Scripting in Python
[Added: 4/20/2003]
Bruce Dawson  Describes the author's experiences at Humongous Entertainment with integrating Python into their game engine. It explains why they chose Python, the benefits they've seen, the problems they've encountered, and how they solved them. 
Introduction to GameMonkey Script Part 1
[Added: 1/14/2006]
Oli Wilkinson  This article and series will introduce you to the GameMonkey Script language and API and how it can be used in your own games. 
Introduction to GameMonkey Script Part 2
[Added: 3/11/2006]
Oli Wilkinson  This part covers embedding GameMonkey in your game or other application. 
Polymorphism in Angelscript
[Added: 11/5/2004]
Xavier Shay  This article shows a method that can be used with Angelscript that allows virtual function overrides to be written in Angelscript, effectively allowing you to create derived classes in script. 
Scripting in C using Co-Routines
[Added: 8/4/2003]
Thomas Tong  This article explains how you can easily create a simple scripting language for your game and provides some sample code that you can quickly integrate in to your own game engine. 
Simple Game Scripting Part 1: Storing/Reading Your Scripts
[Added: 9/10/2000]
David Goodlad  This first part of this series covers writing, reading, and storing your scripts, as well as the basic structure and concepts of scripting. 
Simple Game Scripting Part 2: Making Your Scripts DO Something
[Added: 10/30/2000]
David Goodlad  This installment follows up on the previous article, explaining how the scripts' commands are actually run in VB code, as well as discussing in much more depth a couple of important questions about the structure of the scripting language. 
Simple Game Scripting Part 3: Control Stuctures for your Scripting Language
[Added: 12/22/2000]
David Goodlad  Part 3's focus is mainly on control structures for the language: if..then..else, for loops, etc., as well as some theory for adding named variables. 
Using Lua with C#
[Added: 11/7/2005]
Martin Echenique  Explains how to embed Lua into a C# application. 
XML in Games
[Added: 4/20/2003]
Richard Fine  Provides a brief introduction to XML, and discusses some of the ways in which it can be used in games. 
Subcategory: Game Mods
Topic Author Description
Official Counter Strike Website
[Added: 8/11/2001]
  What would this resource section be without this?? 
Star Wars V Star Trek Homeworld Mod
[Added: 8/11/2001]
  Ever wanted to pit the evil Empire against the Klingons? Or the Rebellion against the Federation? Check this mod out then! 
Subcategory: Mod Development
Topic Author Description
Mod Authoring for Unreal Tournament
[Added: 9/6/2001]
  This is a white paper straight from Epic Games on how to mod UT 
Quake U. - School of Total Conversions
[Added: 10/25/2002]
Dave Kosack, et al  an article on total conversion Quake1, written by the authors of Shrak, the first ever Quake1 total conversion 
StarCraft Advanced Editing
[Added: 8/13/2001]
  This resource will tell you about certain programs used to add units to StarCraft and work towards a full conversion mod. 
Unreal Mutator Tutorials
[Added: 9/6/2001]
  Plenty of tuts on mutators - special classes that modify a game attribute in Unreal or many game attributes 
Subcategory: Modding Websites
Name Rating Description
DX Editing
[Added: 8/11/2001 Clicks: 193481]
This is a great site for Deus Ex editing information. 
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 8749]
News, tutorials and more for QuakeC 
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 4135]
mainly focused on Unreal and Unreal Tournament, but also contains info about Quake 3 and Dungeon Seige 
NWN Forums
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 3746]
A good place for discussing Neverwinter Nights mods with fellow modders 
Phrozen Keep
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 4850]
website dedicated to the Diablo 2 modding community 
Planet Half-Life
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 4267]
Great Half-Life modding resource hub 
Planet Quake
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 4765]
You guessed it - plenty of info on Quake modding to be found herein 
Planet Unreal Mod Central
[Added: 9/6/2001 Clicks: 193096]
All about Unreal Torunament and has some mods and maps available for download 
Q3 Cener
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 4088]
Information for Quake 3 modders and fans 
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 3657]
A Quake level design/editing forum 
Radiant Level Design Tools
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 8446]
Contains several tutorials on qe/gtkradiant for Quake 3 level editing 
StarEx: The Next in StarCraft Editing
[Added: 8/13/2001 Clicks: 193912]
This is a program looking to modify the StarCraft .exe to add new units and change attributes. 
Tack's DX Lab
[Added: 1/20/2002 Clicks: 3532]
Great tutorial page with plenty of articles and experiments done with the Deus Ex SDK. 
The Massassi Temple
[Added: 1/30/2002 Clicks: 3691]
Your source for everything Jedi Knight 
The Star Alliance
[Added: 1/16/2002 Clicks: 193380]
A website devoted to modding games, including StarCraft and WarCraft 3. Has tutorials, articles, an active community and various services to help modders. 
Thief Editors Guild
[Added: 1/21/2002 Clicks: 3609]
Level editing and more for Thief: The Dark Project 
Unreal Tech
[Added: 1/21/2002 Clicks: 4278]
Main Unreal tech page. Lots of references sraight from the source. 
Valve ERC
[Added: 10/25/2002 Clicks: 4971]
The home of Half-Life modding 
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