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Animation and Modeling

Articles on 3D graphics modeling and animation techniques.

For more information about Animation and Modeling, check out:

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Animation and Modeling 
Animation and Modeling
Topic Author Description
Interview with Jen Bahan
[Added: 4/8/2009]
Adrian Walker  Jen Bahan is the Rigging & Technical Animation Supervisor at Rhythm & Hues 
Subcategory: Animation and Modeling
Topic Author Description
Animated sky background
[Added: 7/18/1999]
  This is a quick tutorial on how to make sky backgroundd in 3D Studio MAX. 
Bobo's RenderFAQs
[Added: 7/18/1999]
  Dozens of Max and general 3D modeling tips. 
Creating Low Polygon Game Models
[Added: 6/19/2001]
  One of the most fun and difficult things when doing the graphics for a 3D game, is doing the low polygon characters. 
Expression Controllers Primer
[Added: 7/18/1999]
  Expression controllers are powerful tools that you can use to control animation. Expression controllers can be very complex. To learn them, it is necessary to start simply and learn the basics. That is what this tutorial is for.  
Expression Controllers: Laser Tracking Spaceship
[Added: 7/18/1999]
Expressional Eyeballs
[Added: 7/18/1999]
  The concept of this tutorial is to understand XForms and the benefits gained by using them by making eyeballs. 
Implementing A Group Behavioral Control System Using Maya
[Added: 6/14/2000]
Kian Bee Ng  Theory, code, and a short movie that demonstrates a technique, using Maya Embedded Language, to create the animation for crowd scenes, schooling fish, and other forms of flocking behavior.  
Lessons in Color Theory for Spyro the Dragon
[Added: 6/7/2000]
Craig A. Stitt and John Fiorito  Discusses elements of color and production design and how to apply these to your games. 
Low Polygon Character Generation using 3DSMAX
[Added: 6/19/2001]
  This tutorial covers the process of converting your animated mesh to a fully working MD2. 
Motion-capture tips
[Added: 8/25/2009]
Charlie Cleveland  Some advice the Natural Selection 2 team learned from practical application in mocap sessions 
Talking Heads: Facial Animation in The Getaway
[Added: 4/24/2001]
Gavin Moore  Describes Talking Heads, Team Soho's facial animation system which uses parsed speech and a skeletal animation system to reduce the workload involved in creating facial animation on large scale game projects. 
Three-Axis Animation
[Added: 8/28/2001]
JM Ringuet   
Using Blender to Make Game Models Part 1
[Added: 5/31/2005]
Jeremy 'Wolfmanyoda' Cox  Provides an introductory tutorial to using Blender for modeling. 
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