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Online Game Design

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Online Game Design
Topic Author Description
Constructive Politics in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game
[Added: 4/11/2000]
Matthew Mihaly  Adding a polical system to a MMORPG. 
Creating Effective Groups and Group Roles in MMP Games
[Added: 4/20/2003]
Mike Sellers  Provides some design principles to follow based on how current MMP games are encouraging (or not) players to be part of groups within and around the game. 
Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Cyberspace and Twelve Monkeys
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Crosbie Fitch  If there were any doubts about the inevitability of the Internet's potential, Crosbie has set out to undermine them in this essay about building "cyberspace." 
Cyberspace in the 21st Century: Mapping the Future of Multiplayer Games
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Crosbie Fitch  Crosbie describes the way he sees interactive entertainment developing over the next century, with particular emphasis on scalable, networked interactive entertainment. 
Glory and Shame: Powerful Psychology in Multiplayer Online Games
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Jonathan Baron  Takes a look at the psychology behind multiplayer on-line games.  
Has Origin Created the First True Online Game World?
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Dave Greely and Ben Sawyer  See how Origin has sculpted its massively multiplayer universe into a dynamic, fluid brand of entertainment.  
How Can We Make People Play Less?
[Added: 9/10/2008]
Circo Continisio  Programmer Circo Continisio believes that MMORPGs are addictive, and not only should they not be, but that game designers are obligated to live by a code of ethics and design games that are profitable for the company but not harmful to players. 
Implementing God in the On-Line World
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ernest Adams  Has the anarchic arena of online gaming gotten so bad that it needs an all-seeing, vengeful Old Testament-type God to punish the predators and protect the weak? Ernest Adams delves into "that old time religion" for answers. 
Internet Game Design
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Yu-Shen Ng  A checklist of what you should know before diving into development of that multiplayer, Internet-based game. 
Massive Growing Pains Part 1
[Added: 10/28/2004]
Rick Luebbers  In the first installment in this series, a student from The Guildhall analyzes the MMORPG genre with input from two of its founding fathers 
Massive Growing Pains Part 2
[Added: 1/11/2005]
Rick Luebbers  In the second part of this series, the author talks to designers from NCSoft about critical elements of MMO design. 
Massive Growing Pains Volume 3: The Content War
[Added: 7/14/2005]
Rick Luebbers  The final installment of this series discusses the ever-escalating feature sets being included in MMOs. 
MMOG Considerations
[Added: 5/22/2004]
Richard "superpig" Fine  This article seeks to provide an overview of some of the issues you should consider when thinking about an MMO project - to give you some of the questions you should be asking, as well as a few possible answers. 
Online Gaming: Why Won't They Come?
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Jessica Mulligan  The potential audience is high yet why are so many online ventures struggling? 
Online Justice Systems
[Added: 4/27/2000]
Derek Sanderson  Since online worlds inevitably draw players who want to be criminals, you need to think about creating a fair, reasonable justice system. This article gives you some ideas. 
Teaching an Old Dog New Bits: How Console Developers are Able to Improve Performance When the Hardware Hasn't Changed
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Andrew S. Gavin and Stephen White  A video game console doesn't change at all over the course of its lifetime, meaning that developers have to continue finding newer and better ways to develop for a given platform. 
The Internet Sucks: Or, What I Learned Coding X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Peter Lincroft  Want to make a multiplayer space combat simulator run over the Internet? It may not be as easy as you think. Read on to find out why it's not your programmers's fault - it's that darn Internet. 
The Rules of the Game: Hanging Out in the Lobby
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ben Calica  More on the social benefits of being congenial and chatting in the game area lobby. 
The Rules of the Game: Multi-Player Lobbying
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ben Calica  Looks at the art of gathering the right players together for some multiplayer fun. 
The Rules of the Game: The Masquerade
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ben Calica  Tips and tricks on making the most of the lobby area from both a user and developer perspective. 
Where We Should be Going with Online Games
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Sean Patrick Fannon  Merciless masters, frustrated newbies, and the increase in "flex and twitch" gaming in RPGs creates a problem. A game designer offers some ideas for maturing the genre. 
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