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A collection of links to SDKs, engines, wrappers, online books, free compilers, art, libraries, and other resources valuable to game developers. If you would like to add something, contact dave@gamedev.net. You can also check out our affiliate, the Game Development Search Engine, which has an extremely complete and thorough listing of resources.
Resources Listed: 44
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Subcategory: Software Development Kits (SDK)
Topic Author Description
Aureal A3D SDK
[Added: 10/21/1999]
Aureal  The premier 3D sound technology for games, used in games like Half-Life, Unreal, Dungeon Keeper 2, etc. 
Creative Labs Developer Resources
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Creative Labs  The creators of SoundBlaster offer serveral sound and music libraries, including the EAX SDK. 
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Microsoft  Microsoft has finally gotten the sense to make the SDK available online year-round. 
Glide SDK
[Added: 8/11/1999]
3dfx  3dfx has their proprietary SDK available for most major platforms. 
GLUT for Windows 9x/NT
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Silicon Graphics  GLUT is a set of utilities for OpenGL, provding a basic windowing system. 
Mesa3D Graphics Library
[Added: 8/11/1999]
various  Mesa is an incredibly portable OpenGL clone (in terms of both interface and functionality) that operates under the X window system. It is the OpenGL development tool of choice for the Linux platform and many more X-loving operating systems. 
OpenGL for Macintosh
[Added: 8/11/1999]
SGI/Apple  Libraries and files necessary for OpenGL development on the Mac 
OpenGL for Windows 9x/NT
[Added: 8/11/1999]
SGI/Microsoft  Everything you need to develop in OGL for Windows. This is the SGI implementation. For the Microsoft implementation, click here
RAD Game Tools
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Rad Game Tools  RAD Game Tools, Inc. provides industry-leading video and audio technology in the form of Bink and Smacker video, the Miles Sound System, and now Intel's RSX 3D
Universal Save SDK
[Added: 8/11/1999]
GameLogic  This SDK allows for a standardized method to manage saving games. 
WildTangent Web Driver SDK
[Added: 1/5/2000]
WildTangent  A new technology being developed by WildTangent creating the possibility of games playable through a web browser. The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes everything you need to start working on the next generation of web content. 
Subcategory: Engines
Topic Author Description
Blitz Engine
[Added: 8/25/1999]
Richard Turnbull  Besides being an excellent 3D engine, the author has also made the source code available. 
Crystal Space
[Added: 8/12/1999]
Jorrit Tyberghein  Crystal Space is a full-featured 3D engine supporting Direct3D, OpenGL, and Glide in Windows, Linux, OS/2, Macintosh and BeOS. 
[Added: 1/1/2000]
Frans Bouma  An OpenGL 3D multimedia library. 
Genesis 3D
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Eclipse Entertainment  Arguably the best 3D engine publicly available. 
[Added: 8/23/1999]
Michael Knapp  A freeware graphics library for Pascal. 
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Yannis Deliyannis, et al.  An excellent isometric engine 
MathEngine SDK
[Added: 8/11/1999]
MathEngine plc  The MathEngine SDK allows the incorporation of real-time physics in games. 
Morfit 3D Engine
[Added: 10/20/1999]
Morfit ltd.  Morfit’s 3D Engine proprietary Virtual-Reality engine is based on state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques, Including proprietary PIRR technology (photo realistic Interactive Real-Time Rendering). The result is more advanced performance both in speed (frames per second) and image quality than other PC based engines. Morfit’s 3D engine SDK makes it extremely easy to add any kind of 3D content to any application or to create arcade level games from scratch.  
Rex Sound Engine
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Nathan Davidson  A free, full-featured sound and music engine 
[Added: 11/15/1999]
Alan Murphy  A Game Dynamics Kit to deliver real-time dynamics to the games player. Using the product, game designers and programmers can put unique environments, puzzles, characters and special effects into their game. 
The 3D Engines List
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Karsten Isakovic  A list of over 500 3D engines in various stages of development, many of which are free to use. 
Subcategory: Wrappers
Topic Author Description
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Bil Simser  This is a free set of C++ wrapper classes for making Windows/DirectX games. 
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Microsoft  This library from Microsoft simplifies some of the mundane tasks involved in initiallizing DirectX. 
Subcategory: Compilers and IDEs
Topic Author Description
[Added: 12/21/1999]
Bloodshed Software  An honestware (pay if you use it) C/C++ Win32 compiler with a great IDE. 
[Added: 8/11/1999]
DJ Delorie  DJGPP is the "standard" 32-bit freeware compiler for DOS. It is a fairly good port of the GNU C Compiler (GCC). 
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Jacob Navia  LCC-Win32 is a free C compiler for the Win32 platform. Although the compiler itself has poor code generation and the package is notorious for its cumbersome IDE, the price is right. It does not support C++. 
[Added: 9/2/1999]
  A free C++ compiler for Windows. 
Subcategory: Game Creation Kits
Topic Author Description
Adventure Game Engine
[Added: 10/18/1999]
Brendan Reville  AGE is a full featured game creation utility with a free evaluation version. 
Adventure Maker
[Added: 1/1/2000]
Giovanni Albani  A very powerful program for creating adventure games. 
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Hamster Republic  Still in beta, and only makes games for DOS, but at least it has an original name. 
[Added: 8/11/1999]
  A rescalable CRPG engine for developing tile-based games similar to the Final Fantasy series. 
Subcategory: Graphics Utilities
Topic Author Description
[Added: 8/23/1999]
Robin Burrows  A flexible and powerful map editor. 
[Added: 8/12/1999]
SoftTronics  Shareware wireframe modeller for Windows and DOS. 
Paint Shop Pro
[Added: 8/12/1999]
JASC, Inc.  Excellent shareware image editor, similar to Photoshop. 
[Added: 8/12/1999]
Denis Oliver  A free 3D modeller that can be used to create models for POV-RAY. 
[Added: 8/12/1999]
Persistence of Vision  Free high quality raytracer. 
Subcategory: Game Libraries
Topic Author Description
[Added: 8/12/1999]
various  Allegro is a free game library that comes in DOS, Windows, and X flavors. 
Chilkat SDK
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Chilkat Software  The Chilkat SDK is a C++ library for game and multimedia applications written for DirectX on Windows 95/98/NT. 
ClanLib SDK
[Added: 10/7/1999]
ClanSoft  ClanLib is an object-oriented, multiplatform, open source game library. What more could you ask for? 
Nuke Game Library
[Added: 8/11/1999]
Nuke Software  Although still in beta, this DirectX/OpenGL/Win32 library has some nice features and looks promising. 
Subcategory: Mailing Lists
Topic Author Description
DirectX Mailing List
[Added: 8/17/1999]
  A mailing list dealing with all things DirectX. 
GamesDev MailingList
[Added: 11/22/1999]
OpenGL GamDev List
[Added: 8/19/1999]
  A mailing list that deals with any game development topics using OpenGL. 
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