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Game Law
Topic Author Description
Game Attorney Q&A #02
[Added: 1/3/2005]
Tom Buscaglia  Protecting your ideas 
Audit Rights - Use Em or Lose Em!
[Added: 8/7/2007]
Tom Buscaglia  Covers the use of audit rights to protect your company in the event of publishers not doling out the amount of money agreed upon 
Competent Counsel
[Added: 8/21/2007]
Tom Buscaglia  Tom gives advice on what to look for in a proper business deal, and how to avoid being suckered in too quickly 
Contract Mumbo Jumbo
[Added: 8/7/2007]
Tom Buscaglia  Contracts 101 from The Game Attorney himself 
Everybody Conga! Well maybe not everybody...
[Added: 8/7/2007]
  A reminder that not everyone has the physical and cognitive abilities to play everyday games, and some thought into working accessibility into your games from a legal standpoint 
Game Attorney Q&A #01
[Added: 10/25/2004]
Tom Buscaglia  Trademarked names for indie games. 
Hey, that’s not the deal we talked about!
[Added: 8/7/2007]
Tom Buscaglia  How to avoid signing up for a deal that ends up being nothing close to what was originally discussed between developer and publisher 
To Sue or Not to Sue...That is the Question!
[Added: 8/7/2007]
Tom Buscaglia  Takes a look at the components of cost-benefit analysis that a developer should be considering when a question of filling suit against a Publishing partner occurs.  
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