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Hardcore Game ProgrammingKhronos Kolumn
Game EngineeringGDNet Spotlight
Women In Game Development 
Subcategory: Hardcore Game Programming
Topic Author Description
Advanced Shader Programming: Diffuse & Specular Lighting with Pixel Shaders
[Added: 10/4/2002]
Wolfgang F. Engel  Wolf returns with a more advanced look at shaders. 
An Example of Shadow Rendering in Direct3D 9
[Added: 12/4/2003]
Jack Hoxley  Describes the depth-pass stencil shadow volume rendering algorithm, using DX9 for implementation. 
Cg Bumpmapping
[Added: 4/15/2003]
Razvan Surdulescu  This article describes how to implement a simple and effective bump mapping effect using nVIDIA's Cg programming language and OpenGL. 
Cg Shadow Volumes
[Added: 9/4/2003]
Razvan Surdulescu  This article describes how to implement a very realistic shadow effect using nVIDIA's Cg programming language and OpenGL. 
High Dynamic Range Environment Mapping On Mainstream Graphics Hardware
[Added: 2/22/2005]
Adam Lake and Cody Northrop
Intel® Software Solution Group (SSG)
Modern Game Technologies Project 
This article discusses the capture, storage, and display of high dynamic range images. 
Introduction to Shader Programming Part II: Programming Vertex Shaders
[Added: 4/24/2002]
Wolfgang F. Engel  The second installment demonstrates the use of vertex shaders in a program that evolves through several stages. 
Introduction to Shader Programming Part III Fundamentals of Pixel Shaders
[Added: 5/15/2002]
Wolfgang F. Engel  The third installment in this series moves on to pixel shaders, providing a complete introduction to them. 
Introduction to Shader Programming Part IV: Programming Pixel Shaders
[Added: 6/11/2002]
Wolfgang F. Engel  The fourth and final installment of this series digs into the details of implementing pixel shaders. 
Realistic Natural Effect Rendering: Water I
[Added: 9/7/2004]
Yann Lombard  The first installment of this series starts with realistic water rendering. 
Real-Time Atmospheric Scattering
[Added: 5/3/2004]
Sean O'Neil  Implements a real-time rendering algorithm based on the SIGGRAPH paper "Display of The Earth Taking into Account Atmospheric Scattering" 
Real-Time Realistic Cloud Rendering and Lighting
[Added: 10/23/2005]
Andrei Stoian, bit13.no-ip.com  Describes 3D volumetric cloud rendering using Harris' method for lighting. 
Shader Programming Part I: Fundamentals of Vertex Shaders
[Added: 4/9/2002]
Wolfgang Engel  The first article in this series provides a brief overview of shaders in general and a high-level discussion of vertex shaders in particular. 
Soft-Edged Shadows
[Added: 1/18/2005]
Anirudh.S Shastry  Presents an image space technique to generate soft-edged shadows that works with both shadow mapping and shadow volumes. 
Spherical Scale Mapping
[Added: 3/4/2005]
Stephan Reiter  Presents a practical approach to the interpolation between arbitrary convex polygonal models. 
Terrain Geomorphing in the Vertex Shader
[Added: 5/8/2003]
Daniel Wagner  This article, excerpted from the upcoming ShaderX2 - Shader Programming Tips and Tricks, discusses the implementation a fast terrain renderer which works optimally with current 3D hardware. 
The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes
[Added: 12/3/2002]
Yen Kwoon, Hun  Discusses several methods for using stencil shadow volumes, including the strengths and weaknesses of each. 
Texture Splatting in Direct3D
[Added: 4/23/2005]
Nate Glasser  Explains Bloom's texture splatting technique for terrain texturing.  
Subcategory: Game Engineering
Topic Author Description
Blind Man's Bluff
[Added: 3/20/2004]
Dean Margerison  Provides a brief insight into the current problems that many projects face, and what can be done to transform the situation for the better. 
Game Unified Process
[Added: 5/14/2003]
Kevin Flood  Describes how the author applied Rational and XP development processes to game development. 
Object-Oriented Scene Management
[Added: 5/2/2002]
Jeff Kershner  This article will present an abstract, expandable, object-oriented method to handle generic objects for a practical and organized game engine. 
Test Driving Expression Template Programming
[Added: 6/27/2004]
Kent Lai  In this article, you will be introduced to the concept of writing unit tests for your projects, and going a step further, to begin driving your development process with the test first, code later concept. 
The One: A Singleton Discussion
[Added: 5/24/2002]
Robin Tan  Discusses some of the problems encountered when using the singleton pattern, and suggests some solutions, including nifty counters and Zerob singletons. 
Subcategory: Women In Game Development
Topic Author Description
Women in Game Development #2
[Added: 12/23/2002]
Sande Chen  In light of the holidays, Sande sampled a group of female gamers to see what games they'd like to find in their stockings. 
Women In Game Development #3
[Added: 3/17/2003]
Sande Chen  The 3rd installment in this series covers issues related to the GDC. 
Women in Game Development: Part 4
[Added: 6/5/2003]
Sande Chen  Sande reports on her first visit to E3. 
Women in Game Development: Part 5
[Added: 11/5/2003]
Sande Chen  Discusses quality of life issues. 
Women in Game Development: Part 6
[Added: 10/9/2005]
Sande Chen  After a hiatus, this column returns. 
Women In Game Development: The Introduction
[Added: 11/25/2002]
Sande Chen  New columnist Sande Chen kicks on an ongoing series taking a look at the role of women in the world of game development. 
Subcategory: Khronos Kolumn
Topic Author Description
Khronos Kolumn #01
[Added: 10/3/2005]
Aaron Burton  Migration from software rendering to 3D accelerated graphics using OpenGL ES 
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