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Am I In the Wrong Degree Program?
[Added: 3/11/2008]
Tom Sloper  Are you a student who's unsure about the path you've chosen to get into the games industry? Wondering whether a gaming school or a normal school is the right choice? Well you're not the only one who has these questions, and there's no time like the present to get some answers. 
An Overview to Game Development
[Added: 6/15/2007]
Nathan Madsen  Covers many problems and pitfalls new developers and freelancers encounter and how to deal with them 
Art Tests in Depth: The Basics
[Added: 7/30/2008]
Ryland Loncharich  What to keep in mind when faced with an art test from a company 
Contract Mumbo Jumbo
[Added: 8/7/2007]
Tom Buscaglia  Contracts 101 from The Game Attorney himself 
Direct3D vs. OpenGL: Which API to Use When, Where, and Why
[Added: 2/24/2002]
Promit Roy  At long last, an unbiased (we hope) overview of the two APIs, to help you make the decision about which to use. 
Gaining Entry to Game Development
[Added: 1/18/2002]
Brock Ferguson  Suggestions for programmers, artists, and musicians. 
How to Get Started in the Game Industry: Part I
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ernest Adams  Some valuable insight about getting into game development. 
How to Get Started in the Game Industry: Part II
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ernest Adams  Addresses "great ideas" and the two main paths in to game development.  
How To Start Your Own Games Studio, Pt 1
[Added: 6/25/2008]
Mark Morris  Is indie development for you? How do you come up with the spark for your first great title? What's it all really about? 
How To Start Your Own Games Studio, Pt 2
[Added: 6/25/2008]
Mark Morris  You've got your idea cemented, but now you have to implement it. Learn how to do so in the most simplistic and efficient way possible so you can quickly see if your idea is actually fun 
How To Start Your Own Games Studio, Pt 3
[Added: 6/25/2008]
Mark Morris  What do publishers really offer you? Are their services worth dealing with them? Are you better off striking out on your own? Learn the upsides and downsides of dealing with publishers and going truly indie 
How To Start Your Own Games Studio, Pt 4
[Added: 6/25/2008]
Mark Morris  Learn to talk the talk and not be backed into a legal corner by publishers out to screw you and take all your money and IP. 
So Ya Wanna Make A Game?
[Added: 5/22/2007]
Chris Jensen  Game Almighty rounds up a selection of software for all you gamers dying to brew your own FPS legend or RPG saga; without having to break the piggy bank or hack The Matrix. 
The "Being a Game Programming Newbie" Handbook
[Added: 1/18/2002]
Trent "ShiningKnightDX" Polack  Covers some essential first steps for new programmers. 
There is No “Hollywood” in QA Testing: The Bad
[Added: 11/17/2008]
Joseph Hatcher  Game testing isn't all fun and games. The downsides can be crushing to many with the wrong ideas about this profession 
There is No “Hollywood” in QA Testing: The Good
[Added: 11/17/2008]
Joseph Hatcher  While game testing isn't the greatest job people imagine it to be, there are plenty of perks that go along with the position 
What Every Indie Needs to Know
[Added: 11/6/2008]
Andy Schatz  Andy Schatz, independent developer extraordinaire of Pocketwatch Games responsible for Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa and Venture Arctic, begins, "There's a whole 'nother side to selling games beyond development that I wish I could have zapped into my brain before I went indie (bzzzt… I know Kung Fu)." 
Your Portfolio Repels Jobs
[Added: 9/8/2008]
Jon Jones  Jon Jones, an Outsourced Art Production Manager, warns "I look at game artists' portfolios on a regular basis. These websites are usually designed so poorly that I close my browser out of disgust. They're even bad enough to turn away potential employers, regardless of the quality of the artwork. Tragic!" How can artists avoid this pitfall? Jones gives web design advice sure to make landing jobs successful on Notes on Game Dev.  
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