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Resources Listed: 11
Topic Author Description
Careless Code Recycling Causes Killer Kangas
[Added: 8/10/2000]
  Why you need to be careful with object-oriented code reuse. 
If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Unknown  and it's a good thing they don't... 
Kingdom of Dos-a-lot Part I
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Carlos DaSilva  Anyone who resisted the evolution of Windows as the dominant gaming platform will appreciate this. 
Kingdom of Dos-a-lot Part II
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Carlos DaSilva  The gripping conclusion. 
Remember When…
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Unknown  A poetic look at the computer-induced corruption of the English language. 
Source Code To Windows 98
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Unknown  This explains a lot... 
The Dilbert Zone
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Scott Adams  The official Dilbert web site. 
The Tao Of Programming
[Added: 5/29/2002]
Richard Schedler  Something every programmer should read. 
Windows Error Codes!
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Unknown  What, you haven't seen these? 
You know your game is in trouble when…
[Added: 8/16/1999]
Various  A list of funny (and sadly, not uncommon) signs that your game project is going to end badly. 
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