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Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics
Topic Author Description
Invisible Walls
[Added: 8/20/2008]
Luca Breda  Immersion is a phenomenon in many kinds of media, though it is particularly relevant in virtual environments and video games. Immersion is a concept largely used to describe the player's status relative to the medium. However, there is more than one approach to how we define immersion.  
Lock Mechanisms in Game Design
[Added: 6/16/2001]
Jonathon Schilpp  Descibes the locking technique used to prevent players from having immediate access to all areas of your game. 
Randomness without Replacement
[Added: 2/16/2005]
David Kennerly  Dissects the randomization function common in RPGs from a game mechanics perspective. 
Rock, paper and scissors
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Geoffrey Dunn  Looks at unit balancing and other trends in game design. 
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