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Special Effects

This includes such things as fire, water, particle systems, and shadows.
Resources Listed: 35
FogLens Flares
Particle SystemsLightning
Subcategory: Fog
Topic Author Description
Depth Cueing
[Added: 11/19/1999]
Matthias Holitzer  Describes depth cueing, which can be used for visual effects such as fog, haze, water, etc. 
Spherical Volume Fog
[Added: 8/23/1999]
Richard Turnbull  Turnbull describes spherical volume fog and how to implement it. 
Volumetric Fog
[Added: 8/25/1999]
Thierry Tremblay  Discusses how to create the fog effect used in Unreal and Quake III 
Volumetric Rendering in Realtime
[Added: 10/12/2001]
Charles Boyd and Dan Baker  Shows how to create an analytical model that bears some resemblance to the mechanics of real fog. Includes a pixel shader supplement!  
Subcategory: Particle Systems
Topic Author Description
A Simple Point Sprite Based Particle Engine
[Added: 10/6/2003]
Almar Joling  Describes how to create a particle system using point sprites in DirectX and Visual Basic. 
Advanced Particle Systems
[Added: 6/7/2000]
John van der Burg  Describes the data structures needed to create a self-contained, advanced 3D particle system. 
Designing an Extensible Particle System using C++ and Templates
[Added: 8/19/2003]
Kent "_dot_" Lai  This article will bring to your attention some decisions you have to make while designing your own particle system, as well as introduce to you an extensible, possibly robust design. 
Particle Chamber
[Added: 6/7/2000]
Richard Benson  Well-commented source code for a particle system demo in Direct3D. 
Particle System API
[Added: 1/12/2001]
David McAllister  Probably the best tool around for understanding and creating particle systems. 
Subcategory: Shadows
Topic Author Description
An Example of Shadow Rendering in Direct3D 9
[Added: 12/4/2003]
Jack Hoxley  Describes the depth-pass stencil shadow volume rendering algorithm, using DX9 for implementation. 
Cg Shadow Volumes
[Added: 9/4/2003]
Razvan Surdulescu  This article describes how to implement a very realistic shadow effect using nVIDIA's Cg programming language and OpenGL. 
Dynamic 2D Soft Shadows
[Added: 1/4/2004]
Orangy Tang  Describes an accurate method of generating soft shadows in a 2D environment. 
Ray Lighting
[Added: 4/27/2005]
Robert Nagy  Presents a method for creating realistic terrain shadows using a ray tracing technique. 
Real-Time Shadow Casting Using Shadow Volumes
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jason Bestimt and Bryant Freitag  Explaination and Direct3D source for shadow volume techniques. From Intel. 
[Added: 11/19/1999]
Tom Hammersley  Covers several methods of generating shadow effects. 
[Added: 2/6/2001]
Michael Skinner  Covers some of the most popular methods of creating shadows, from "fake" shadows to shadow volumes and hybrid algorithms. 
Soft-Edged Shadows
[Added: 1/18/2005]
Anirudh.S Shastry  Presents an image space technique to generate soft-edged shadows that works with both shadow mapping and shadow volumes. 
Using Maya's Convert to File Texture Tool for Real Time Game Environments
[Added: 2/1/2001]
Remi Benoist  Presents interesting possibilities for creating accurate real time shadow maps. 
Volume Shadows Tutorial
[Added: 1/6/2004]
Nuclear  Well-written article covering the shadow volume algorithm. 
Subcategory: Fire
Topic Author Description
[Added: 10/19/1999]
Shaun Patterson  Energetic and refreshing, this informal tutorial is entertaining. However, the implementation is very mixed up with the code, and it may be difficult to seperate the algorithmic ideas from the DirectX. 
Fire effect
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Ivan Lim  Palette based technique. Old. 
Fire Special FX
[Added: 9/14/1999]
Seumas McNally  A straightforward approach to creating a fire or burning effect. 
[Added: 7/13/2000]
Jonathan Metzgar  Written in C++ and demonstrates 8 fire effects, has a easy to use interface, etc. Zipped archive. 
Simple Fire Effect
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Adam Parusel  Older article using a paletted technique in DOS. 
Subcategory: Water
Topic Author Description
Realistic Natural Effect Rendering: Water I
[Added: 9/7/2004]
Yann Lombard  The first installment of this series starts with realistic water rendering. 
The Water Effect Explained
[Added: 2/15/2000]
Roy Willemse  Covers a method of simulating water. Source code is given is Pascal, but can be easily converted. 
[Added: 9/14/1999]
Tom Hammersley  A tutorial for creating simple wave effects. 
Water Source
[Added: 7/16/1999]
HeartQuake  Zipped archive. 
Subcategory: Lens Flares
Topic Author Description
Lens Flare Tutorial
[Added: 10/19/1999]
Alan Gordie  This is a simple, well written tutorial for implimenting increasingly popular lens flares. 
The Art of Modeling Lens Flares
[Added: 12/2/1999]
Michael Tanczos  Describes how to create lens flares, both programmatically and by using an image editor. 
Subcategory: Lightning
Topic Author Description
[Added: 10/24/2001]
Ian McDougall  Covers a simple lightning effect in Visual Basic. 
Subcategory: Clouds
Topic Author Description
Generating Procedural Clouds in Real Time on 3D Hardware
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Kim Pallister  Explains the creation of some very realistic cloud effects. 
Real-Time Atmospheric Scattering
[Added: 5/3/2004]
Sean O'Neil  Implements a real-time rendering algorithm based on the SIGGRAPH paper "Display of The Earth Taking into Account Atmospheric Scattering" 
Simple Clouds Part 1
[Added: 4/13/2004]
Francis "AK 47" Huang  Demonstrates how to procedurally generate clouds and render them using OpenGL. 
Subcategory: Reflections
Topic Author Description
Virtual Camera Position (VCP)
[Added: 12/13/2003]
Hun Yen Kwoon  Explains reflections using VCP. 
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