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Pathfinding and Searching

Resources Listed: 12
Pathfinding and Searching
Topic Author Description
A* Algorithm Tutorial
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Justin Heyes-Jones  A great start for learning the A* algorithm. 
A* Pathfinding for Beginners
[Added: 10/9/2003]
Patrick Lester  The purpose of this article is to describe the basic concepts of A* at a beginner's level and then give you a taste of some of the more advanced concepts. 
Chess Tree Search
[Added: 11/1/2001]
Paul Verhelst  An excellent tutorial to minimax searching. Despite the name, it's not just for chess. 
Coordinated Unit Movement
[Added: 12/22/1999]
Dave Pottinger  Focusing mainly on the RTS, this article discusses pathfinding for multiple units. 
Implementing Coordinated Movement
[Added: 12/22/1999]
Dave Pottinger  Shows how to apply the methods discussed in Coordinated Unit Movement. 
Knowing the Path
[Added: 6/18/2002]
Richard Fine  Describes an 'expandable path table,' which allows NPCs to both navigate through an environment, and to explore and learn it, rather than having perfect knowledge from the start. 
Motion Planning Using Potential Fields
[Added: 7/15/2000]
Stefan Baert  Describes several pathfinding techniques using potential fields that can sometimes be used in places of the popular A* algorithm. 
Pathfinding With the C4 Game Engine
[Added: 10/10/2007]
Jon Watte  Discusses and includes code for a complete art path for authoring navigation meshes (networks) and doing A-star pathfinding throughout levels. 
Pawn Captures Wyvern: How Computer Chess Can Improve Your Pathfinding
[Added: 6/27/2000]
Mark Brockington  Summarizes some of these recently proposed enhancements to A*, and show you why you would want to consider a "computer chess" style A* approach the next time you have to implement A*. 
Precalculated Pathfinding Revisited
[Added: 5/12/2003]
Richard Fine  Explores a way of storing all possible paths through a network, eliminating most real-time pathfinding operations. 
Smart Moves: Intelligent Pathfinding
[Added: 10/7/1999]
Bryan Stout  Covers quite a few search algorithms and their effectiveness in pathfinding. 
Toward More Realistic Pathfinding
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Marco Pinter  Walks you through some modifications to the A* algorithm that can refine the movements of your game's units. 
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