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Topic Author Description
Emotional Response to Color
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Unknown  A short bit about how colors can effect people's emotions. 
Four Ways to Use Symbols to Add Emotional Depth to Games
[Added: 4/20/2003]
David Freeman  This article will explore four different ways to use symbols to evoke emotional response from an audience. 
Games and the Imagination Part I
[Added: 6/22/2004]
Richard Dare  Explores the psychology of gaming and looks at some of the new ideas we can derive from exploring the ideas and fantasies that many players attach to games 
Games and the Imagination Part II
[Added: 9/8/2004]
Richard Dare  Looks at the role of Jungian psychology in game design. 
Games and the Imagination Part III
[Added: 10/25/2004]
Richard Dare  An in-depth look at the heroic quest theme. 
Games and the Imagination Part IV
[Added: 12/15/2004]
Richard Dare  The final installment in the series looks at ways for applying ideas from the series to game designs and addressing problems. 
My Name is Daniel and I am a Genre Addict
[Added: 4/10/2005]
Daniel Cook  Takes a look at the impact of psychological addiction on the game industry. 
The Psychology of Choice
[Added: 2/13/2002]
John Hopson  Understanding how players react to different kinds of choices can lead to designs that help them make the kind of choices that they'll enjoy as well as an understanding of how some game designs can unintentionally elicit bad choices. 
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