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Artificial Intelligence

What is it? How can I do it? What are the various algorithms? And more...

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AI TheoryGenetic Algorithms
DocumentationNeural Networks
IntroductionPathfinding and Searching
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Artificial Intelligence
Topic Author Description
Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI
[Added: 10/11/2009]
John Hattan  We review one of the latest titles in applied AI for games, specifically about modeling human behavior and decisions. Will it be useful in your games? 
Subcategory: AI Theory
Topic Author Description
A Modular Framework for Artificial Intelligence Based on Stimulus Response Directives
[Added: 2/21/2000]
Charles Guy  An approach to modeling the biological nervous system without using neural nets. 
Allis' Ph.D. thesis: Searching for Solutions in Games and AI
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Project AI
[Added: 7/28/1999]
Mark Lewis Baldwin and Bob Rakosky  This document covers the basics of designing an artificial intelligence for a strategy game.  
The Intuitive Algorithm
[Added: 10/7/1999]
Abraham Thomas  This is an essay concerning the idea that intuition may be a pattern recognition algorithm. Due to its scientific nature, it can be a difficult read for some. 
Subcategory: Documentation
Topic Author Description
Artificial Intelligence for Games, Second Edition
[Added: 1/6/2010]
John Hattan  We review the latest edition of a cornerstone work of game AI. 
Subcategory: Introduction
Topic Author Description
An Introduction to Neural Networks
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Dr. Leslie Smith  A very good introductory article for neural network theory. 
Basics of Game AI
[Added: 7/28/1999]
Geoff Howland  As the title of the article states, this article provides a brief, but mind provoking overview of the basics of game AI. 
Comp.AI.Games FAQ
[Added: 7/31/1999]
  Though it hasn't been updated since January 2000, this still contains some useful information. 
Introduction to Learning in Games
[Added: 7/28/1999]
Geoff Howland  This doc provides an introduction on how to make your games learn from their players. 
Subcategory: Gaming
Topic Author Description
A Practical Guide to Building a Complete Game AI: Volume I
[Added: 10/12/1999]
Geoff Howland  Part I of this series covers state machines, unit actions, and grouping. 
A Practical Guide to Building a Complete Game AI: Volume II
[Added: 10/12/1999]
Geoff Howland  Part 2 covers unit goals and pathfinding. 
AI for Games and Animation: A Cognitive Modeling Approach
[Added: 2/21/2000]
John Funge  Transcends geometric, kinematic, physical, and behavioral models to examine the possibilities of cognitive models. 
AI In Empire-Based Games
[Added: 7/31/1999]
Various  A thread on implementing AI in strategy and empire-building games. 
AI Madness: Using AI to Bring Open-City Racing to Life
[Added: 1/29/2001]
Joe Adzima  Provides a strategy for programmers who are trying to create AI for open city racing games. 
AI Uncertainty
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Scott Thomson  Discusses using Bayesian networks to deal with uncertainty in game AI 
Artificial Emotion: Simulating Mood and Personality
[Added: 2/21/2000]
Ian Wilson  A look at how the appearance of emotion can be used in games. 
Building Brains Into Your Games
[Added: 7/31/1999]
Andre LaMothe  Discusses various AI topics ranging from the simple to the complex. 
Chess Programming Part I: Getting Started
[Added: 5/17/2000]
François Dominic Laramée  This series takes the reader through the algorithms and strategies needed in creating the artificial intelligence involved in chess and similar games. Part One gives an overview of the material that will be covered. 
Chess Programming Part II: Data Structures
[Added: 6/11/2000]
François Dominic Laramée  In the second installment in this series about developing an opponent AI, the most common and useful data structures are explained. 
Chess Programming Part III: Move Generation
[Added: 7/17/2000]
François Dominic Laramée  The third installment in this series examines the two major move generation strategies and explains how to choose between them for a given application. 
Chess Programming Part IV: Basic Search
[Added: 8/6/2000]
François Dominic Laramée  Pat IV of this series focuses on the basics of two-agent search in strategy games: why it is useful, how to do it, and what it implies for the computer's style of play. 
Chess Programming Part V: Advanced Search
[Added: 9/6/2000]
François Dominic Laramée  In this next-to-last article, FDL examines advanced search-related techniques which can speed up and/or strengthen your chess-playing program. 
Chess Programming Part VI: Evaluation Functions
[Added: 10/8/2000]
François Dominic Laramée  The series ends with a close look at creating a good evaluation function, and includes a demo chess program. 
Designing Need-Based AI for Virtual Gorillas
[Added: 1/6/2001]
Ernest Adams  Described need based AI in the context of virtual gorillas, but the information can be applied generally. 
Game AI: The State of the Industry
[Added: 2/21/2000]
Steve Woodcock  Ferretman looks at the current trends of AI in games. 
Game AI: The State of the Industry, Part One
[Added: 11/2/2000]
Steve Woodcock  Ferretman's 2000 update on the current importance of AI in games. 
Game AI: The State of the Industry, Part Two
[Added: 11/13/2000]
David C. Pottinger and Prof. John E. Laird  The second installment of Game Developer magazine's annual investigation into game AI presents two more experts discussing this ever-evolving field. 
Game Developers Conference 2001: An AI Perspective
[Added: 5/11/2001]
Eric Dybsand  Highlights some of the more salient points from the computer game AI related sessions he attended during the recent GDC 2001. 
Hierarchal AI
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Andrew Luppnow  This document proposes an approach to the problem of designing the AI routines for intelligent computer wargame opponents 
Implementing a Blackboard-like System for Squad-Level Combat AI Part I
[Added: 4/27/2003]
Phillip Culliton  Deals with the problem of implementing a simple blackboard system for use in a squad-level simulation taking place in real time. 
More AI in Less Processor Time: Egocentric AI
[Added: 6/21/2000]
Ian Wright  Presents techniques to control and manage real-time AI execution, techniques that open up the possibility for future hardware acceleration of AI. 
Recognizing Strategic Dispositions thread
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Steve Woodcock  A compilation of a 1995 newsgroup thread about creating an AI that recognizes strategic situations. 
Subcategory: Genetic Algorithms
Topic Author Description
Application of Genetic Programming to the Snake Game
[Added: 8/10/2000]
Tobin Ehlis  This article covers the development and analysis of a successful function set that will allow the evolution of a genetic program that will allow the AI to attain maximal performance. 
GA Playground
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Ariel Dolan  A genetic algorithm toolkit for use with Java 
Genetic Programming in C/C++
[Added: 3/19/2003]
Hans Kuhlmann / Mike Hollick  Explains the paradigm of genetic programming, and its implementation in the C programming language. 
Hello World in Genetic Algorithms
[Added: 9/12/2007]
Danilo Vargas  This tutorial will help you make your first Genetic Algorithm (GA). Introducing first what a Genetic Algorithm is by making a comparison to darwinistic evolution, and thereafter teaching you step by step how to code a GA 
Subcategory: Neural Networks
Topic Author Description
Neural Netware
[Added: 10/7/1999]
André LaMothe  A nice introduction to neural nets 
Neural Network FAQ
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Warren S. Sarle  FAQ from comp.ai.neural-nets. Updated monthly. 
Vehicle Control with Neural Networks
[Added: 9/1/2003]
Philippe Kunzle  Discuses the algorithms behind creating a neural network to automatically control a vehicle. 
Subcategory: Pathfinding and Searching
Topic Author Description
A* Algorithm Tutorial
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Justin Heyes-Jones  A great start for learning the A* algorithm. 
A* Pathfinding for Beginners
[Added: 10/9/2003]
Patrick Lester  The purpose of this article is to describe the basic concepts of A* at a beginner's level and then give you a taste of some of the more advanced concepts. 
Chess Tree Search
[Added: 11/1/2001]
Paul Verhelst  An excellent tutorial to minimax searching. Despite the name, it's not just for chess. 
Coordinated Unit Movement
[Added: 12/22/1999]
Dave Pottinger  Focusing mainly on the RTS, this article discusses pathfinding for multiple units. 
Implementing Coordinated Movement
[Added: 12/22/1999]
Dave Pottinger  Shows how to apply the methods discussed in Coordinated Unit Movement. 
Knowing the Path
[Added: 6/18/2002]
Richard Fine  Describes an 'expandable path table,' which allows NPCs to both navigate through an environment, and to explore and learn it, rather than having perfect knowledge from the start. 
Motion Planning Using Potential Fields
[Added: 7/15/2000]
Stefan Baert  Describes several pathfinding techniques using potential fields that can sometimes be used in places of the popular A* algorithm. 
Pathfinding With the C4 Game Engine
[Added: 10/10/2007]
Jon Watte  Discusses and includes code for a complete art path for authoring navigation meshes (networks) and doing A-star pathfinding throughout levels. 
Pawn Captures Wyvern: How Computer Chess Can Improve Your Pathfinding
[Added: 6/27/2000]
Mark Brockington  Summarizes some of these recently proposed enhancements to A*, and show you why you would want to consider a "computer chess" style A* approach the next time you have to implement A*. 
Precalculated Pathfinding Revisited
[Added: 5/12/2003]
Richard Fine  Explores a way of storing all possible paths through a network, eliminating most real-time pathfinding operations. 
Smart Moves: Intelligent Pathfinding
[Added: 10/7/1999]
Bryan Stout  Covers quite a few search algorithms and their effectiveness in pathfinding. 
Toward More Realistic Pathfinding
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Marco Pinter  Walks you through some modifications to the A* algorithm that can refine the movements of your game's units. 
Subcategory: AI Links
Name Rating Description
[Added: 5/13/2002 Clicks: 20111]
A second generation AI portal and a successor to ai.about.com, featuring hundreds of articles and thousands of AI-related links. 
[Added: 6/6/2008 Clicks: 1876]
AboutIntelligence was formed to offer a unique reference point on understanding emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence and intelligence training. 
[Added: 12/11/2007 Clicks: 3308]
blog run by long-standing AI guru Alex J. Champandard 
[Added: 1/8/2003 Clicks: 12910]
Site by the author of AI Techniques for Game Programming, covers neural nets and genetic algorithms, AI news and more. 
Amit's Game Programming Information
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 38045]
Outstanding large collection of game development articles, concentrating on path-finding and AI. 
Artificial Intelligence
[Added: 11/1/2001 Clicks: 22710]
A relatively new site dedicated to all aspects of AI. 
Aske Plaat Minimax
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 11051]
Apparently Mr. Plaat was a faculty member of the University of Alberta. I don't think he's there anymore, but he wrote up some of the best scholarly documents about minimax tree-searching that you'll find.For the uninitiated, minimax is a way to find optimum moves in board games. 
GA Archives
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 11168]
A very complete Genetic Algorithms site. Includes mailing list archives and pointers to lots of papers. 
[Added: 4/26/2006 Clicks: 4621]
A large collection of AI articles and other resources, with many game-specific topics. 
Machine Learning in Games
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 16203]
Good starting point for developing games that learn. 
The Game AI Page
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 26103]
Steve "ferretman" Woodcock's excellent repositiory of game AI related information. 
The Genetic Programming Cookbook
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 13046]
A good GA site with a tutorial and lots of info. 
The University of Alberta GAMES Group
[Added: 5/17/2000 Clicks: 9700]
No free code, but lots of projects writing games that clobber the best folks out there. Home of Chinook (which you can play online), which is probably the best checker-playing program out there. 
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