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Collision Detection

Resources Listed: 17
Collision Detection
Topic Author Description
2D Rotated Rectangle Collision
[Added: 2/3/2009]
Eric Meythaler  An explanation of the Separating Axis Theorem and how it can be used to perform 2D collision detection between rotated rectangles. 
Advanced Collision Detection Techniques
[Added: 4/11/2000]
Nick Bobic  Assumes you already know some 3D collision detection basics and gets into advanced topics. 
Basic Collision Detection and Response
[Added: 9/17/2007]
Metanet Software  A detailed explanation of the maths and techniques behind collision detection in games 
Collision Detection
[Added: 9/15/1999]
John Amato  Covers the bounding rectangles and pixel-perfect approaches to collision detection, including an argument for testing against a single pixel in some cases. 
Collision Detection Algorithm
[Added: 9/17/1999]
TANSTAAFL  TANSTAAFL throws his hat into the ring with a straightforward method using bitmasks. 
Collision Response: Bouncy, Trouncy, Fun
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jeff Lander  Investigates how particle dynamics affects collision response. 
Continuous Collision Detection for translating Ellipsoid
[Added: 10/25/2007]
Chandan Pawaskar  We know sphere sweep test can provide accurate collision detection for fast moving objects. However a sphere is a loose fit in most practical cases. This article provides information for sweep testing Ellipsoids. 
Crashing into the New Year: Collision Detection
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jeff Lander  Using techniques such as the dot product and cross product, Jeff Lander investigates some common collision detection problems that can be important to a variety of game applications. 
General Collision Detection for Games Using Ellipsoids
[Added: 5/26/2000]
Paul Nettle  This document describes a collision technique that allows you to move an ellipsoid (a sphere with three different radii, one for each axis) through a world that not only properly detects collisions, but also reacts in a way that gamers would expect from the common first person shooter.  
Getting the most out of your collision tests
[Added: 9/15/1999]
Dave Roberts  An excellent article from Dr. Dobb's Journal, covering several approaches to collision detection. 
Grid-Based Collision Detection and Raycasting
[Added: 9/17/2007]
Metanet Software  Describes "broad-phase" collision detection, using a grid of cells to narrow the area of detection for an object 
Opposing Face Geometry
[Added: 2/19/2004]
Eli Kara  OFG presents a new method for collision detection optimizations by performing a simple pre-calculation on both input objects. 
Pool Hall Lessons: Fast, Accurate Collision Detection Between Circles or Spheres
[Added: 1/28/2002]
Miles Jackson and Joe van den Heuvel  Explains how to detect collisions between two spheres and determine what they'll do after they collide. 
Practical Collision Detection
[Added: 9/15/1999]
Jonathan Blow  Presents a sophisticated 3D collision detection method. 
Simple Bounding-Sphere Collision Detection
[Added: 11/12/2000]
Oleg Dopertchouk  This article explains the simple process of using bounding sphere to detect collisions in 3D environments. 
Simple Intersection Tests For Games
[Added: 6/14/2000]
Miguel Gomez  A key component to virtually any graphical game, 2D or 3D, is a collision detection system for game objects. This article explains some simple intersection tests for the most useful shapes: spheres and boxes. 
When Two Hearts Collide: Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jeff Lander  Demonstrates the use of axis-aligned bounding boxes for 3D collision detection. 
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