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Tales from the trenches. Postmortems are summaries by game developers of what went well and what didn't during the development of a specific game.
Resources Listed: 56
Topic Author Description
Age of Empires II: Age of Kings
[Added: 12/2/2004]
Matt Pritchard  By Ensemble Studios 
Asheron's Call
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Toby Ragaini  By Turbine Entertainment's 
Beam Runner Hyper Cross
[Added: 11/15/2001]
Vincent Scheib  This graduate student postmortem discusses the teams success' and frustrations they faced in creating BHX and the Hyper X game engine as an end of year project. 
Black & White
[Added: 6/18/2001]
Peter Molyneux  by Lionhead Studios 
Cel Damage
[Added: 2/28/2002]
Kevin Barrett, John Harley, Rich Hilmer, Daniel Posner, Gary Snyder, and David Wu  by Pseudo Interactive 
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Rade Stojsavljevic  By Westwood Studios 
Dark Age of Camelot
[Added: 2/15/2002]
Matt Firor  by Mythic Entertainment 
Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands
[Added: 8/15/2000]
André Vrignaud  Looks at the conversion of SSI's stand-alone, DOS-based RPG to a 32-bit Windows-based online network. 
Descent 3
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Jason Leighton and Craig Derrick  From Outrage 
Deus Ex
[Added: 12/8/2000]
Warren Spector  Takes a look at Ion Storm's mega-successful, genre-busting title. 
Diablo II
[Added: 10/30/2000]
Erich Schaefer  Find out how the Blizzard North team learned to love Diablo again, and pumped out a sequel that sold a million copies in its first few weeks of release. 
[Added: 8/16/2000]
Jamie Fristrom  Looks at Treyarch's under-scheduled, under-budgeted struggle to ship by Christmas. 
Drakan: Order of the Flame
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Stuart Denman  By Surreal Software 
Fallout Tactics
[Added: 5/11/2001]
Tony Oakden  By Micro Forte. 
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Art Min  Pioneering game from Multitude. 
Gabriel Knight 3
[Added: 10/12/2000]
Scott Bilas  Learn how Sierra Studios overcame three years' worth of engineering tribulations and personnel turnover, and pumped out a massive three-disc adventure title. 
Heavy Gear 2
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Clancy Imislund  By Activision. 
Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2
[Added: 12/20/2000]
Scott Alden  From Ritual Entertainment. 
How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget
[Added: 7/6/2005]
Jay Barnson, Rampant Games  A development diary and postmortem of a game created in a week by an indie developer. 
Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
[Added: 7/10/2002]
Stephen White  by Naughty Dog 
Last Call
[Added: 5/29/2001]
John Cutler  By Cutler Creative 
Magic Stones Postmortem
[Added: 12/5/2007]
Celso Riva  A look at some of the good and bad for the game by Winter Wolves's principal developer 
Myth: The Fallen Lords
[Added: 8/15/2000]
Jason Regier  Examines the two year development of Bungie's hit RTS. 
No One Lives Forever
[Added: 6/18/2001]
Craig Hubbard  by Monolith 
Operation Flashpoint
[Added: 12/21/2001]
Marek Spanel and Ondrej Spanel  by Bohemia Interactive Studios 
Oz -- The Magical Adventure
[Added: 11/13/2000]
Jackie Turnure  Looks at Sausage's follow-up to their successful Bananas in Pyjamas series of kids games. 
Postmortem: Heretic II
[Added: 11/6/2000]
Jake Simpson  Looks at Raven's hit sequel to a classic. 
Rainbow Six
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Brian Upton  By Red Storm Entertainment 
Resident Evil 2 for the N64
[Added: 8/2/2000]
Todd Meynink  Looks at the challenges Angel Studios faced porting a 2 CD Playstayton game to the N64. 
[Added: 8/15/2000]
Chris Pasetto  Describes the relatively smoot development of this DreamForge game. 
[Added: 4/24/2001]
Andrew Evans  From Mind's Eye. 
[Added: 8/15/2000]
Scott Alden  Explains how Ritual Entertainment took a heavily enhanced version of the Quake engine a built a new world. 
Small Scale Development, Grand Scale Ideas
[Added: 4/24/2006]
Vernon Dunmore  A summary of the lessons learned by a FullSail student, accompanied by his developer diaries. 
Smuggler's Run
[Added: 11/2/2000]
Charles Eubanks  Looks at the production of Angel Studio's Playstation 2 title. 
Soldier of Fortune
[Added: 10/9/2000]
Eric Biessman and Rick Johnson  Looks at the development of Raven Software's controversial title. 
SpecOps: Rangers Lead the Way
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Wyeth Ridgway  By Zombie 
Star Trek: Hidden Evil
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Michael Saladino  By Presto Studios 
Star Trek: Voyager -- Elite Force
[Added: 2/8/2001]
Brian Pelletier, Michael Gummelt, and James Monroe  By Raven Software 
Star Wars DroidWorks
[Added: 8/15/2000]
Jon Blossom and Collette Michaud  For a change, this postmortem looks at an edutainment title. 
Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II
[Added: 5/1/2002]
Thomas Engel  by Factor 5 
Star Wars Starfighter
[Added: 8/28/2001]
Chris Corry  by Lucas Arts 
[Added: 11/1/2001]
Wayne Imlach  by Muckyfoot Productions 
SWAT3 Close Quarters Battle
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Jim Napier  By Sierra 
System Shock 2
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Jonathan Chey  Looks at the development of one of the scariest games of all time. 
T.W.T.P.B. Post Mortem
[Added: 12/29/2008]
Tobias Olsson  Learn what went wrong and what went right during the 1.5 year development of indie shoot em up T.W.T.P.B. developed by Spell of Play Studios. 
The Italian Job
[Added: 4/20/2003]
John Li  By Pixelogic. 
The X Files
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Jason VandenBerghe  The truth behind the game based on the popular TV series 
Thief: The Dark Project
[Added: 8/15/2000]
Tom Leonard  How Looking Glass Studios added some spice to the first-person genre. 
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Jamie Fristrom  By Treyarch 
Trade Empires
[Added: 1/31/2002]
Rachel Bernstein  by Frog City 
[Added: 8/15/2000]
Richard Wyckoff  Looks at what went wrong, and what went right, with Dreamworks Interactive's poorly received title. 
[Added: 10/12/2001]
Brent Smith  by Poptop Software 
[Added: 10/24/2001]
Brent Smith  by Poptop Software 
Unreal Tournament
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Brandon Reinhart  By Epic Games 
Vampire: The Masquerade -- Redemption
[Added: 8/9/2000]
Robert Huebner  Discusses what went right and wrong with Nihilistic Software's RPG. 
Wild 9
[Added: 3/2/2001]
Didier Malenfant  By Shiny Entertainment 
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