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Legacy Articles

We've been collecting articles since 1996. As a result, we have a lot of articles that are old! Fortunately, many of these focus on the algorithms, and so can still be useful to a wide range of people. These can still be found in other parts of our reference section. The other older articles, the ones closely tied to technology which simply isn't used any more, have been placed here, since a few people may still find them useful.

If you come across an article in one of our other sections that you think belongs here, let us know.
Resources Listed: 11
Subcategory: Audio
Topic Author Description
Audio File Formats FAQ - V3.09
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Guido van Rossum  An old FAQ last updated in 1994. 
Basic Adlib Programming
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Basic Gravis Ultrasound Programming
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Basic Sound Blaster Programming
[Added: 7/16/1999]
DMF Effects
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Dolby Surround Sound
[Added: 7/16/1999]
FAQ on SoundBlaster AWE-32
[Added: 7/16/1999]
PC Speaker
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Programmer's Guide to OPL3 FM Music Synthesizer
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Vladimir Arnost   
Programming the SoundBlaster 16
[Added: 7/16/1999]
The Official Gravis Ultrasound Programmer's Encyclopedia
[Added: 7/16/1999]
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