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Game Dissection and Analysis

Resources Listed: 6
Game Dissection and Analysis
Topic Author Description
10 Tips for Better Playtests
[Added: 11/22/2007]
Bruno Urbain  Learn 10 ways to make the experience of play testing your game better for the people involved, both game players and team members alike 
A Tale of Two Fallouts
[Added: 11/23/1999]
Dave Astle  A designer's look at two successful games, and what lessons we can learn from them. 
Analyzing Might & Magic
[Added: 5/14/2001]
Jonas Kyratzes  Examines Might and Magic from a game designer's perspective. 
Baldur's Gate II: The Anatomy of a Sequel
[Added: 5/11/2001]
Dr. Ray Muzyka  Discusses some of the strategies employed during the development of Baldur's Gate II. 
Chris Crawford on Game Design, Chapter 21: Balance of Power
[Added: 6/30/2003]
Chris Crawford  This excerpt from Chris Crawford on Game Design (2003, New Riders Press) covers lessons leared during the development of Balance of Power 
Punch - Kick - Punch: A History of One-on-One Beat-Em-Ups
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Simon Carless  Dives into the story behind the evolution of Fighting Game genre. 
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