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Here it is! My first tutorial to be officially published by GameDev.net (yes, Iím very proud). I wrote some other small tutorials for game programming beginners about several topics, but instead I decided to group them all and make a series of tutorials from the very beginning of a game to the publishing phase. I doubt with the games youíll learn to develop here youíll get rich, but with a little imagination and hard work maybe you can even get some of them in bundle packs (and I donít even ask for your money J).

For those who donít know me, my name is Bruno Sousa (or Akura on the Internet) and you can probably find me in #Gamedev chat.

I first thought of doing this series by starting with a simple game (Pong) and developing it with your help, but I decided to make this series infinite; that is, every time I get some free time Iíll write the next tutorial. Since Iím still in school and trying to get into the industry my schedule isnít that good, but Iíll try to do my best. As long as I have time (and GameDev.net doesnít mind by ramblings) I'll keep writing these tutorials.

The only thing required for this series is that you have a basic knowledge of C and C++. The reason why I just donít use one or the other is I like to merge them, since parts are easier using C and others are easier using C++. If you donít know one of these languages but know the other youíll have no problem grasping these tutorials, but even so, if youíre stuck mail me at magick_pt@geocities.com and Iíll do my best to help you out.

Also, Iím not the master of it all nor do I intend to be (for the time being). Iím as human as you so I can also make mistakes. If anyone notices an error or bug please tell me.

With all that said, letís start.

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