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Expo Floor Zone 2




Havok's most impressive demo of their physics-modeling engine showed a card-table containing a pair of dice, an electric fan, and a cigarette. You could manipulate anything in the environment, including throwing the dice, blowing the cigarette smoke with the fan, or even turning the fan up so much that it blows itself off the table.




SoftImage was also showing off their ability to interface with those cone-screens. This isn't trivial because the image has to be properly skewed so it looks right projected into a bowl-shaped monitor.

Pictured is a casino craps game. Unfortunately it wasn't playable.







Guillemot/Hercules was no surprise this year. They had the latest confusing crop of video card names and numbers. They also had a nice little audio-rack gizmo that fits in a drive bay.

Sega of America



Sega's Dreamcast hardware may be no more, but that didn't keep 'em from having a presence at the GDC. Along with showing off the latest games, Sega pushed their seganet online service as a multiplayer game solution for other platforms.

SN Systems Ltd.



SN Systems presented their IDE and compiler to PS2 as last year, but this time they now have support of GameCube and GameBoy Advance. They had some of the devices to show off.




Newtek had the most nondescript booth, draping their entire space in black and only advertising themselves with a black "piss off, I'm coding" T-shirt. Not even a name on the outside.

Viewpoint Digital



Okay, MetaCreations dumped all of their products (Painter, Poser, InfiniD), changed their name to "MetaStream", and concentrated on a streaming 3D viewer. Later they bought 3D clipart maker Viewpoint and kept the Viewpoint name for the combined company. Now they're a complete 3D company, or so they say.

Strangely, they still assured me that they sell 3D tools, but they were very dodgy when asked what those tools are. Looks to me like they do nothing but sell 3D clipart.