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Expo Floor Zone 5

GamaNetwork Booth


Gama Network was showing off their new name and new look. It's still unclear what's Gamasutra and what's Game Developer Magazine, but whatever makes 'em happy. . .

Gamespy Industries



Gamespy once again had "Kornelia" on hand to crush the egos of anyone foolhardy enough to take her on at Quake. Free T-shirt to anyone who killed her, but I don't think they actually brought any.




LipSync pushed their face-modeling software, adding 3D photo-modeling of human faces. They were taking photos of passersby, building a 3D "head" of 'em, and letting 'em take their faces with them on floppy.

Intrinsic Graphics, Inc.



You saw it here first, a genuine XBox!

Okay, it's just the development box, but Intrinsic is working on cross-platform graphical solutions for all those high-end game boxes coming out. They've also got a solution for debugging high-end graphics using a PS2 as the debug-box, thus saving you the $$$ that you'd normally spend on a high-end graphics card for your debug machine.

Purple Drop Inc.



Literalizing their name, Purple Drop surrounded their booth with gigantic purple drops. They are a content creator for 3D games. They're best known for creating 3D models, but they're also qualified PS2 developers.

Control Zone Interactive Inc.



NxN Software AG



NxN was on-hand to demo their high-end asset-management software for the game industry, Alienbrain.




Macrovision Corporation



Macrovision, top provider of copy-protection software, was on hand. They have recently extended their model to downloads and games in what they call "cradle to grave protection". They gave numerous examples of hacked beta games that could've been stopped via their technology.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.



Sun was all about Java at the GDC. They were evangelizing Java at every turn, and their sub-booths were showing off interesting Java technologies. Here is Plazmic, showing off a tiny (10k) multimedia client for cell-phones that'll allow you to download robust content without the overhead of a browser.

EA was also present in the Sun booth, showing off their existing online games built with Java, like this Monopoly game running in a browser.




Learning Machines Corporation