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Expo Floor Zone 6

Wordware Publishing, Inc.



Dallas-based Wordware showed off their latest books, centering largely on DirectX programming. Later this year they will be publishing a book on Cybiko development penned by gamedev.net's own TANSTAAFL.

Essential Reality



Essential Reality had some cool-looking 3D peripheral input-devices that combine the function of mouse, joystick, and keyboard into a single device.

Okay, it's market-speak for a new Nintendo Power Glove.

AM Production Multimedia



Sound Ideas



Sound Ideas had plenty of good audio clipart for sale. The prices are pretty high, but so is the quality. They've also got licensed sounds from Hanna Barbara characters and Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Color Kinetics



Color Kinetics introduced controllable room-lighting for games and was trying to evangelize their SDK. For a demo, they were running a Star Trek game that was color-enabled.

Price is a problem, though. The system costs thousands. They are, however, working on a smaller version that'll retail for about $200.

Digiscents, Inc.



iSmell returned to the GDC with their smell-enhancing technology. They enhanced their dubious technology with sever over-the-hill women dressed as skunks.

As last year, their booth started to smell like soap early on, and the effect never let up. I can imagine the booths around 'em couldn't be pleased.

Immersion Corporation



Immersion was concentrating on force-feedback mice this year, given that they realized that 90% of folks still play games with the mouse. They showed off Black and White and Tribes 2 running with vibrating mice. The effect was pretty mediocre compared to a force-feedback joystick.

Creative Labs



Creative Labs has pretty-much embraced OpenAL wholeheartedly, and they teamed up with Dolby for some thumping demos.

Moshpit Entertainment, Inc.






Lithtech had some impressive demos of their engine. Lots of rotating giant robots. This particular station was showing off "Torn", which is described as "Fallout in a different genre". They're hoping to ship for Christmas this year.




Real Networks



GDC newcomer RealNetworks was showing off their new RealArcade game-deployment software. It allows developers, small and large, to give users a nifty way to browse, try out, and purchase games entirely via Real's browserish viewer.

Math Engine



Umm, weren't you guys called "mathengine" a few days ago? Anyway, the re-branded company is now selling more full-featured gaming solutions beyond just physics.

The "all your base are belong to us" award goes to Karma, with its assumption that "spend" is a noun.