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Expo Floor Zone 7

Rad Game Tools



Congratulations to RAD Game Tools. They win the award for "least changed booth" by not changing their booth significantly in four years!

Of course, that could be seen as a sign of stability.

Into Networks






3Q was showing off their 3D face-building technology by building 3D faces of folks passing by. You simply sat in a booth, and the hardware would snap your picture and burn it on a CD for you.

Intel Corporation



Intel had easily the biggest booth and the best location, right in the center of the expo floor. They had no real surprises this year, showing off the latest processor technologies. They did announce that much of the vTune performance environment will be shipping with the XBox development kit, which is a bright idea Microsoft.




Maya was big, and Alias/Wavefront was pushing it everywhere. Here's their main booth that was showing some very impressive animation demos. They're pretty proud of Ready to Rumble Boxing, which was modeled with their software.

Criterion Software



Renderware was a big thing. With the new high-end 3D consoles coming out, cross-platform 3D is suddenly a good idea.

Microsoft Corporation



Once again, the best thing about the Microsoft booth was the height. If you knew someone and could get a pass to the second floor, you got a great bird's eye view of the entire show from comfy chairs.

Not even the ceiling is safe from advertising.

MS's latest compiler technology took a distant second place to selling folks on the latest DirectX stuff this year.




Logitech had nothing special to show off beyond some vibrating game-pads and mice.

ATI Technologies, Inc.



ATI had a pretty typical booth, showing off their Radeon and FireGL cards. Their game demos looked especially good.