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Expo Floor Zone 8

Dolby Laboratories



Dolby seemed to spend most of their time at the Creative Labs booth. They did, though, have literature available at their "real" booth.

Not a Number



European developer Not a Number was on hand to show off their Blender 3D modeling tool and several game-related technologies built from it, including a complete 3D game engine. They had some pretty impressive demos of what they've got so far.




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Metrowerks Corp.



Metrowerks had booth-bims. It's rumored that they sell compilers or something, but who cares?

Staccato Systems



Pixologic Inc.



Pixelogic had one of the most impressive demos of the show, showing off their 3D painting and sculpting tool, ZBrush. It's a quite impressive tool for painting on 3D models and even creating organic-looking models. Version 1.2, introduced at the show, features full scripting so you can create complete game demos within the environment.

They also had the best show special seen thus far, selling ZBrush for $205, down from their retail price of $585.

Iomega Corporation



Iomega's hoping that the second time's the charm for ZIP drives for consoles. Their efforts at a ZIP drive for Dreamcast came to zilch, but they're hoping that the ZIP drive for PS2 will do better. Here's a PS2 running an Unreal Tournament level loaded off a ZIP drive. Seemed to work quite nicely.