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Full Name Sean 
Nickname Sr_Guapo 
State/Province, Country NY   United States
GD Gathering City Troy, NY, United States
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AIM ID Kolguyev 
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Current Occupation
Job Title Student 
Job Description Studying :( 
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Member Since 5/31/2004 12:40:55 AM
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Some recent topics started on our forums
C++ Workshop - Week 8-ish (Ch. 9) Welcome to the GDNet C++ Workshop Ch. 9For a complete introduction to this workshop, please look here. As well, although this thread is temporarily mirrored in the "For Beginners" forum for easy access, the thread and workshop is actually locate... 
Posted August 9, 2006 8:39:55 PM
Strange glitch I noticed in this thread a strange error. It looks like part of that post's outline is missing... I am using Firefox 1.5. Does anyone else see this? Edit: It looks like its gone now. Strange... 
Posted March 10, 2006 2:04:43 PM
Second 19" LCD - the cheaper the better Ok, currently I have a Hyundai L90D+ 19" LCD on my desktop. I had to get rid of my CRT (due to its size), so I am having withdrawl from dual monitors. I want to get another 19" LCD, but I want something as cheap as possible. I honestly do not... 
Posted September 7, 2005 3:44:44 PM
Game Design - Few questions OK, I am slowly making the switch to unmanged DX and I am starting to make a few basic apps. I understand the basics (most is just learning the function names). Anyways, I had a few questions before I try any larger apps. I have a base class ("Gra... 
Posted August 4, 2005 12:29:16 AM
Engine design Hey all, It has been a while. Between school and work, I barely have time to program anymore, but I figured since I just finished building my new PC, I would try and get some programming done. My question is about the various philosophies on... 
Posted February 5, 2005 12:16:51 AM
Biggest idiot EVAR!!! It is a couple of months old, but still great. Sorry if this is a repost... LOSER How dumb do you have to be? Not only did he attempt to hammer the CPU into the mobo, he broke every last pin off with a vice grip. I am starting to doubt the... 
Posted December 30, 2004 11:58:11 PM
New compy, need some advice OK, I have been saving up for a new PC for a while. Right now I have an ancient Dell with a PIII 500, so anything will seem like an improvement. I want to build a simple Athlon XP system to get the hang of building my own PC and some light overclocki... 
Posted December 25, 2004 9:02:43 PM
Nooooooo... (bad news on Jeopardy) Ken Jennings finally lost on Jeopardy! 74 days and over 2.5 million dollars... 
Posted November 30, 2004 5:24:34 PM
w00t, ACT scores Just got my American College Testing (ACT) scores in the mail. I got a 34. For those of you who don't know, it is a college entrance test (similar to SAT) with a max score of 36. I think the mean is usually aroung 20, and the inner quartile is bet... 
Posted November 22, 2004 4:56:27 PM
BrainF*** Okay, I have heard about this "language" for a while now, and I finally searched google to find out what it was. It is awesome. It is the smallest language I have ever seen (obviously, isn't that the point)! For those too lazy to google, it is a... 
Posted November 3, 2004 10:22:24 PM
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Some recent replies made on our forums
Error with WinMain What type of project did you create? You have to select a Win32 App to make sure it loads the right dependencies. Also, I know the express version of MSVC++ 2005 did not ship with the windows platform SDK. This is an extra download needed to do windo... 
Posted July 13, 2008 4:17:19 PM
Error with WinMain It looks like your code is trying to find a main() function, but you've supplied a WinMain. You need to make sure your project settings are for a windows application and not a console app. What compiler/IDE are you using? 
Posted July 13, 2008 3:32:18 PM
WooHoo!!! 1521 (uh 1522 now...) for me. When I started I was averaging above 5 posts per day. After a year off and less free time, I'm down to just 1 per day. 
Posted July 13, 2008 3:18:43 PM
Learning DirectX yet can't find an answer to a problem If you are looking directly down the Z-axis, the triangle would just be a line (if I am understanding this correctly). I'm not 100% how DX handles culling in this situation. If you rotate the camera or the world matrix in either direction (around the... 
Posted July 13, 2008 3:12:18 PM
"Victory" function. Your opinion wanted. What? 
Posted July 10, 2008 6:36:58 PM
Hi there! What's your story? Sean, Age 20, currently attending school in Troy, NY. He Studies Computer Engineering/Computer Science and he will likely end up working with embedded systems after college. On the side he enjoys graphics programming, though lacks the time/motiva... 
Posted July 9, 2008 6:55:30 PM
convert char* to LPCWSTR // Convert char_array to std::string (It is done automatically with the strings = overload) char* char_array = "Foo"; std::string str = char_array; // Convert std::string to char array std::string str = "Bar"; char* char_array = str.c_str();... 
Posted July 9, 2008 6:31:36 PM
Learning DirectX yet can't find an answer to a problem When they say clockwise, they generally mean from the point of view of the camera. If you have a 3D object, this means that is all the triangles are ordered that way, only the side visible to the camera get drawn. This can help with performance,... 
Posted July 9, 2008 6:04:54 PM
What Are You Working On? Currently trying to make a simple space shooter with my latest attempt at a rendering engine. (Un)Fortunately I have been a little side tracked lately trying to catch up and learn a bit of XNA. 
Posted June 27, 2008 9:06:55 PM
a vector of vectors (c++/stl) Quote:Original post by serratemplar I'm gonna plead ignorance here, but I Driv3 is on the money: I am not explictly adding vectors to my vector of vectors...because I vainly hoped it would do it itself @_@. I had intended to avoid pointers here... 
Posted June 25, 2008 7:31:39 PM
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