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GDC 2001 Booth-Babes!

Well, it just wouldn't be a trade-show without hot babes. Here are some of the best (and worst) that the GDC expo floor had to offer.

Scent-based peripherals maker iSmell Inc. inexplicably got a second round of funding and decided to start off the GDC Booth Babes with a low watermark that will be hard to beat. Two strip-club rejects dressed in Playboy Bunnyesque skunk costumes minced through the crowd before the show opened making a rather embarrassing display.

The classic GDC booth-bim is the spandex-clad chick in the motion-capture harness. Here's Vicon's babe du jour showing off the latest in ping pong ball-wear.

Later in a greater indignity, they allowed selected passersby to fire nerf-projectiles at her for prizes.

No, really!

Metrowerks may be a redheaded stepchild in the PC compiler market, but they're world-class when it comes to booth-babes. Here's Metrowerks babe one lining people up to play a standup arcade game, presumably built with Metrowerks technology.

Congratulations to GIGNews for having the first booth-bim in recent memory who didn't seem to mind posing for pictures!

Elsa dispensed with last year's fish-woman in favor of some more traditional booth-bims.

More motion-capture babeage from Ascention.

Stop the presses. . .a male booth-bim has been sighted!

Hot tanned big-boobed Metrowerks bim. It doesn't get any better!

Elsa continued to have high-quality booth-bims, but I don't quite understand why they're wearing pro-wrestling boots.

Metrowerks continues to outdo itself.

The existence of the male booth-bim has been confirmed. These lads were showing off the more strenuous stuff that their software can model, like standing flips and dives.