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The Pictoral Steve Report posted 3/26 at 11:09:08 PM PST by Steve

Hiya, folks. It's me, Steve. This year, I'm taking the place of Mr. Hattan in that my coverage of the GDC is going to be THE BEST. Forget Dave, TAN, Drew, Mason, David, Sleepy and Doc. You just stick with me, and it'll be like you're right here with me.

First, because you've never even heard of me before, I'm Steve. I'm an action figure, and I spend most of my time hanging out in the TAN-man's pocket. Why a grown man would feel a need to carry around an action figure is beyond me, but just between you and me, the TAN-man just doesn't always seem to have all his burners lit, if you know what I mean.

Here's a picture of me in front of the GDC. Because the TAN-man was an idiot and failed to set the alarm on time, we arrived late. Still, it was a bright and shiny day in San Jose.

Other items of scenic note were the Big Pile of Poo, which is apparently worshipped by inhabitants of San Jose. Here's a picture of me hanging out on top of the poo-pile.

Inside the GDC, there was much fun to be had. They had a couple of X-Boxes set up. Here's a picture of me trying to play some snowboarding game. Needless to say, I didn't do well. For one thing, I don't have articulated elbows, and that makes using the X-Box controllers rather difficult.

Also, a trip to the GDC isn't complete without a trip to the book-store. Here's a pic of me checking out the stacks.

I didn't really get to look at or hear much on the lectures that we attended (I spent much of my time hanging around in the TAN-man's pocket). Apparently he and Dave had much fun. They did bring me out when they ran into their friend Jodi. Here's a pic of me and the TAN-man with Jodi.

Here's another picture I'm in. I don't really have a funny story to go along with it.

And finally, this evening, I tried using Dave's camera. This is what I came up with. Dave tells me I'm no longer allowed to take pictures.