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The other kind of booth babe posted 4/1 at 8:13:21 AM PST by Dave Astle

Although "regular" booth babes were far fewer in number this year, many companies opted to have their booths staffed by female employees, many of whom were far more attractive than the booth babes. TAN decided to take pictures of as many of these women as possible.

Last year, we named Criterion as the company we'd most like to work for, because the women working for them are so hot. I decided to bring back evidence this year. There was another girl who wasn't around at photo time, but these should give you a good idea.

We spent a lot of time at the Premier Press booth. Because, uh, we wrote for them. Yeah, that's the reason we spent so much time there.

Part 3 posted 3/30 at 10:32:17 PM PST by Dave Astle

Well, TAN promised me he'd post these three days ago, but I'm getting tired of waiting, so here you go:

The Wordware girls. Does this motivate you to buy their books?

The girls from Metrowerks changed outfits every day, and insisted that we take pictures of all of them. Who are we to argue?

If I had taken this a split second earlier, I would have had to censor this photo.

Booth Babe Report, Part 2 posted 3/23 at 9:22:41 AM PST by TANSTAAFL

I had hoped that Friday would have given us more Booth BabesTM There were one or two, but nothing like it was in prior years.

This is the new booth babe at Metrowerks. She's super-freckly(MMMMmmmm...freckles). She was really hot for steve (and we didn't have the heart to tell her that he's... well, *YOU KNOW*.

This is Astra. She was the booth babe for WordWare publishing. She's a web designer. She was just so cute that Dave and I simply *HAD* to rescue her from the evil clutches of Jim Hill.

This is Astra again, this time with me. You just can't have too many pictures of Astra. Of course, I can't show you all of the pics we have of this fine lady, but I can tell you that I'll have some of them hanging up in my room when I get home.

This is Angel (a Metrowerks booth babe that we also featured yesterday. She told us to come back and get her in the different outfit, and so we did. Dave didn't want to snuggle up to her, so I took the opportuity.

Pursuing the ultimate Booth BabeTM posted 3/22 at 9:00:29 AM PST by TANSTAAFL

While, in my opinion, these pictures should go in right along with all of the other pictures that I took of attractive women at the GDC, Dave says that I should only put the women who are "Actual Booth Babes" into the report. Whatever. To appease Dave, here are the Booth Babes we took pictures of on Wednesday.

This woman is really, really hot. Right after this photo was taken, she said, in an extremely sexy british accent "You could 'ave warned me!"

So, we took another picture of her (we aren't stupid!) In my personal opinion, the first shot we took of her(in dynamic natural motion) is much sexier than this one(not that this one isnt)

This girl was at the Wordware booth. I tried to get her to pretend she was reaching way up high for something, but she caught on, and refused. Damn.

This is Dave standing there with Angel. There's a largish tattoo on the lower part of her back that extends nearly down to her buttocks. And she show it to us. Sweeeeeet.

This is me with Angel. MMMMMMMMM..... Angel.

We liked Angel so much, we had her take a picture of Dave with the other Metrowerks booth babes.

Girls with cybernetic implants chewing on twizzlers. Need I say more?