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Steve Gets Drunk! posted 3/21 at 3:09:50 PM PST by TANSTAAFL

Hi. This is your friendly neighborhood TANSTAAFL. Steve couldn't be here to write his report, as he is still hung over from last night. But he wanted me to say hi to all of you, and he'll be back tomorrow after he manages to make the room stop spinning. Steve Report, Day Two By TANSTAAFL

In the morning, right outside of our hotel, we stopped by one of the many many Bail Bond places, this one in particular entitled "Bad Boy Bail Bonds". Steve seemed to like it a whole lot, and insisted we take his picture in front of it.

(click to enlarge)

Steve remained quiet for most of the day. There wasn't too much that he was really interested in. He's only an action figure, after all, and his elbows aren't articulated, so programming just isn't his thing.

At the Premier Press dinner, since the alcohol was flowing, Steve "came out". First, he got incredibly drunk on margaritas.

(click to enlarge)

Then it was picture time. He wanted us to take his picture with Andre(with whom I have noticed a slight resemblance between him and Steve, but you be the judge).

(click to enlarge)

Also, there was a picture with Steve and Lorenzo(Pain19). Shortly after this picture, Steve started doing shots, and then passed out.

(click to enlarge)