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Friday, March 10th

From Geoff Howland:

Today the Expo floor was opened, and as usual there were a stunning variety of styles in the boothes to differentiate the vendors. From what I recall of last year's GDC, the booths were arranged in roughly the same positions and mostly the same vendors were showing. From a cynics point of view, the expo floor hadn't seemed to change much from last year, but the vendors setup's were definitely showing off their best.

The regular press was definitely out in more force this year than last, as beyond CNN there was coverage from what looked like all the major broadcaster's local stations at the expo and around the IGF booths. So the GDC definitely seems to be attracting more mainstream attention. From an interview with Microsoft's DX Evangelist yesterday we were told that through all the announcements from video game related software and hardware companies there was actually a rise in the slouching NASDAQ, which will end up making the game industry a more serious proposition for those who previous only considered it kid stuff.
From Dave Astle:
The biggest event of the day was the IGF awards. I'm sure most of you have seen the results already, but before I mention them, I want to point out that each of the nine games involved this year was excellent. They looked great, were fun to play, and each deserves to be published. If you haven't taken a look at them yet, be sure to visit the IGF website.

With that, the winners were:
  • The Audience Award: The Rift by Thrushwave
  • The Best Audio award: Blix, a puzzle game with a retro soundtrack
  • Best Visual Art award: King of Dragon Pass by A-Sharp, a role-playing game with frameable art for the game screens
  • Programming: Tread Marks by Longbow Digital Arts
  • Game Design: Tread Marks by Longbow Digital Arts
  • Grand Prize: Tread Marks by Longbow Digital Arts
  • Again, we want to congratulate DeveloperNET member Longbow Digital Arts for the smash success of Tread Marks. Also, although Quaternion did not win any awards, it received a great response from the crowd, so we'd like to congratulate the other DeveloperNET member involved, Spin Studios.