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A Short History the Game Development Search Engine

 Game Prog. 9x

The Game Development Search Engine has been known by several names. But its purpose to provide a starting point for game development research has never changed. Our site sprang from our own needs and a willingness to share our treasured links with others.

Vintage Page Screenshot

Running Time : Nov to Dec '97

The Game Development Search Engine did not always have that name. The GDSE's humble beginnings started in December 1997 with our first attempt at a game development resources called Developer Resources. With our Barbarian warrior in the upper left hand corner and a handful of 20 links, we marched on to the internet and annouced our presence on the newsgroups. I think we had 2 hits on our site that day. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Redesigned Page

Running Time : Running Time: Jan to Jun '98

I think we set a world's record for the quickest site redesign because by January 1st we went to a new webdirectory look. Gavin from Strange Creations and I combed through a list of over 100 links that Gavin had accumulated. We each took some links and began the painful task of reviewing each one. Dungeon Crawl Game Developer sprung from those efforts. Hundreds of links were added after our first web spider was developed as he searched for new game development links.

The Game Development Search Engine

Running Time : Running Time: Jul '98 to Jan '99

Although we had many variations of this one design, this design would be the end result of our labors. After four months of hard work, we changed our name to The Game Development Search Engine. With the caffine boost of Java, the GDSE was launched and began its first indexing of the web. Spider Robinson our indexing agent now indexed the first page of every website we had. Later he would be redesigned to index all web pages.

Most Recent Screenshot

Running Time : Running Time: Jan '99 to Jun '99

It has been one year since this site's creation and there are still many unique resources that are coming. So stay tuned to the website. We are one search engine that is determined not to run out of steam.