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GameBoy Advance

Resources Listed: 7
GameBoy Advance
Topic Author Description
Audio Programming on the GameBoy Advance Part 1
[Added: 5/21/2002]
Chris Strickland  Introduces the different hardware systems that control the playback of digital audio on the GBA, and touches on the topics of Timers, DMA, and the Direct Sound channels. 
Broken Sword: Palettized JPEG for Game Boy Advance
[Added: 3/9/2002]
Francesco Iorio  Discusses the technique used for storing lots of high detail, unique backgrounds in a very small space. 
Gameboy Advance Resource Management
[Added: 5/11/2001]
Rafael Baptista  Examines each of the various kinds of memory on AGB and the special restrictions on memory allocation that are particular to each one. 
GBA Development From the Ground Up, Volume 1
[Added: 1/8/2002]
Brian Sowers  The series is introduced by covering the capabilities of the Game Boy Advance and the tools you'll need to develop for it. 
GBA Development From the Ground Up, Volume 2
[Added: 3/6/2002]
Brian Sowers  Part 2 of this series covers the screen modes available on the GameBoy Advance, showing you how to select them and draw pixels. 
GBA Development From the Ground Up, Volume 3
[Added: 3/10/2002]
Brian Sowers  The third installment in this series provides an explanation and example of getting input on the GameBoy Advance. 
[Added: 3/19/2003]
  Lots of useful resources for GBA programmers. 
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