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Topic Author Description
16-bit Color
[Added: 11/23/1999]
TANSTAAFL  Another article covering 16-bit color? Considering how often the issue comes up, why not? Besides, it's by TANSTAAFL. 
16-Bit Pixels
[Added: 7/25/1999]
Sam Christiansen  How to plot pixels in 16-bit DirectDraw modes 
Bit Depth Independent Pixel Plotting in DirectDraw
[Added: 7/25/1999]
Ron Hiler  Describes how to plot pixels in DirectDraw, regardless of the bit depth. 
Creating a Quake-like Console Using DirectDraw
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Pranay Uppuluri  You know you want a Quake-like console in your game. This article will show you how. 
DirectDraw Programming Tutorial
[Added: 8/7/1999]
Lan Mader  A wonderfully comprehensive introduction to programming with DirectDraw. 
Loading and blitting bitmaps
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Matthew Allen  Explains how to load bitmaps using the ddutil library. 
Loading Bitmap Files into DirectDraw
[Added: 6/22/2000]
Kieren Johnstone  Describes how to use Windows functions to load a bitmap to a DirectDraw surface. 
Plotting Pixels in Non-Palettized DirectDraw Surfaces
[Added: 7/31/1999]
Nathan Davies  Another look at 16 bit surfaces 
Quick Example DirectX Code
[Added: 7/31/1999]
Unknown  A very useful page containing many oft-used bits of DirectX code. 
Re: How do I use 16-bpp surfaces?
[Added: 7/25/1999]
Dennis Muller  A post explaining working directly with surface memory for 16-bit DD surfaces 
Re: How do I use 16-bpp surfaces? (another response)
[Added: 7/25/1999]
Nick Caldwell  Another message from the same thread 
Setting up DirectDraw 7
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Matthew Allen  Provides instructions and source code for setting up a basic DirectDraw application. 
Using DirectDraw's Gamma Controls to Perform a Fade
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Joseph Fernald  Suggests using the gamma control for fades to avoid modifying surface data. 
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