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Topic Author Description
An Example of Shadow Rendering in Direct3D 9
[Added: 12/4/2003]
Jack Hoxley  Describes the depth-pass stencil shadow volume rendering algorithm, using DX9 for implementation. 
Cg Shadow Volumes
[Added: 9/4/2003]
Razvan Surdulescu  This article describes how to implement a very realistic shadow effect using nVIDIA's Cg programming language and OpenGL. 
Dynamic 2D Soft Shadows
[Added: 1/4/2004]
Orangy Tang  Describes an accurate method of generating soft shadows in a 2D environment. 
Ray Lighting
[Added: 4/27/2005]
Robert Nagy  Presents a method for creating realistic terrain shadows using a ray tracing technique. 
Real-Time Shadow Casting Using Shadow Volumes
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Jason Bestimt and Bryant Freitag  Explaination and Direct3D source for shadow volume techniques. From Intel. 
[Added: 11/19/1999]
Tom Hammersley  Covers several methods of generating shadow effects. 
[Added: 2/6/2001]
Michael Skinner  Covers some of the most popular methods of creating shadows, from "fake" shadows to shadow volumes and hybrid algorithms. 
Soft-Edged Shadows
[Added: 1/18/2005]
Anirudh.S Shastry  Presents an image space technique to generate soft-edged shadows that works with both shadow mapping and shadow volumes. 
Using Maya's Convert to File Texture Tool for Real Time Game Environments
[Added: 2/1/2001]
Remi Benoist  Presents interesting possibilities for creating accurate real time shadow maps. 
Volume Shadows Tutorial
[Added: 1/6/2004]
Nuclear  Well-written article covering the shadow volume algorithm. 
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