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More booth babes posted 3/29 at 8:53:27 AM PST by Dave

Okay, so there weren't that many booth babes, but we took a lot of shots of the ones that were there.

Me and the Body Paint 3D girl again. I swear that my wife made me do this.

The other girl from Body Paint 3D

One of the girls from S3

She's baaaaack posted 3/27 at 12:22:57 AM PST by Gaiiden

It was a bit more subdued this year, most likely due to the legions of gaping men that stood in front of the NVIDIA booth the year prior with their jaws on the floor. I'm sure there was some safety issue involved here or something... blocking the aisles or flooding the building with drool. But anyways every now and then one of the plasma screens at the NVIDIA booth would show the pixelicious babe from last year. I happened to catch her on display walking towards the IGF pavilion today, so here she is - the digital booth babe


Body Paint 3D Number Two posted 3/25 at 9:20:53 PM PST by John Hattan

Body Paint 3D couldn't stand to have just one, so they hired a second relief-bim.

Downright classy she is posted 3/25 at 9:13:44 PM PST by John Hattan

And just in case you thought the Body Paint 3D chick was a bit too victorian for your tastes, today she held candy in her cleavage and allowed passersby to retrieve them.

More BodyPaint3D babe posted 3/25 at 9:45:17 AM PST by John Hattan

S3 Babes posted 3/25 at 9:41:39 AM PST by John Hattan

Return of the booth babe posted 3/25 at 8:38:50 AM PST by Dave Astle

After a one-year hiatus, the booth babe is back, albeit in limited quantities. Here are some of the pics from the first day of the expo.

S3 Babes

Dave and the Bodypaint3D babe

Her other side

Hot of the Press posted 3/23 at 1:41:12 AM PST by Gaiiden

To kick things off, we have the lovely ladies in charge of the Press Lounge, Ashley and Sibel. Once again, there will be no genuine booth babes this year, but there are certainly plenty of babes, and we'll be showcasing them here. Round of applause for the babes!

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