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The First Annual Pen Awards posted 3/28 at 5:15:49 PM PST by Ron Penton



The contendors:

This years grab was somewhat meager, but there were a few diamonds in the rough.

Shiniest Pen
Coolest Pen
Best Overall Pen

Swagalicious posted 3/27 at 12:12:37 AM PST by Gaiiden

Well, either I just didn't have enough time to go around collecting swag, there wasn't as much interesting swag this year compared to last, or both. Or, I may have just finally gotten tired of hauling 15 pounds of crap home with me every year. That could be it. Even so I wish I had managed to procure more. So even tho I fall behind compared to last year, and can't hold a candle to Ron, the new Swag King, I think I made a decent showing. Note please that this is only half of the total swag I managed to get my hands on. The rest was in the form of food and candy, which seemed to be rather popular this year. (mmmmmm Ho Ho's) Of course there's no way I was going to let food sit around long enough for me to photograph it so if you want to see it well... actually it might even be too late for that. Unless... right I'll stop talking now.

Graft Haul : Day Three posted 3/26 at 5:29:03 PM PST by John Hattan

I must confess. Your dearest friend and Graftmeister General just didn't have the spark for doing an orgy of trinket-hunting today, so the take was much more modest.
  • Four pens
  • Four inflatable plastic frisbees
  • Sony/Ericsson baseball cap and shirt
  • Three demo CD's
  • Enough "for review" copies of Premier Press/Course Technology books to keep me reading for months
And don't forget, you can win the lion's share of this junk (not the books, though) here.

2 Days of Swag posted 3/25 at 10:52:28 PM PST by Ron Penton

After two days of swag gathering, I feel somewhat disappointed. Gone are the cool CD holders and samurai swords of last year; instead almost all we can find this year are mints and hersheys kisses... WHAT KIND OF SWAG IS THAT?!!

Ah well, here's a pic of what I grabbed so far:

Perhaps the coolest thing I've found this year was the light-up tops that Sony was giving away.

Maybe they'll have new cool stuff tomorrow? Maybe not. At one point today I realised I was grabbing every CD I could because they came in cool clamshell cases or other interesting designs. Kind of sad when you're grabbing CD's just for the cases...

Press Kits Galore posted 3/25 at 10:20:34 PM PST by Ron Penton

This isn't exactly "graft grab", but it's related. In the press lounge, there's a table where everyone puts their "press kits" and hopes that we'll pick them up, read them, and write about them.

I got as far as step 1, and then gave up. Do you see how many of these things there are?

You expect me to read all of THAT?! Hell no!

I leafed through the Discreet kit, because they had a cool folder. But honestly people, if you REALLY want me to read your announcements, you need to include some COOL FREE STUFF that will make me at least marginally interested in what you have to offer. HINT HINT.

Free stuff == good.

Oh and don't forget posted 3/25 at 10:11:56 PM PST by John Hattan

Virtually all of this mighty pile of worthless giveaways I've been collecting over the past three days will go to one lucky reader! If you haven't yet signed up, head over here and do so now!

I'll be keeping the pens. Everything else can be YOURS!!!

Graft Haul : Day Two posted 3/25 at 10:02:24 PM PST by John Hattan

  • One blue Intel beer glass
  • One T-shirt from Maryland (the state, not the Munster)
  • One light-up yo yo
  • One rubber drink cozy
  • One small midget-sized spiral notebook from ASCAP
  • Two plastic tops that light up when you spin them
  • Two shiny silver Atari stickers
  • One five-foot plastic tape measure
  • One Maryland lapel pin (the Munster, not the state)
  • Two mouse pads, one round, one square
  • Two full versions of Everquest
  • One "stereo sucks" T-shirt from Dolby
  • Three nVidia stickers
  • Plastic tote-bag from S3
  • Tote-bag apparently made of Kleenex from GameBeat
  • Three demo CD's
  • Five free beers
  • Four pens

Mmmm, soda posted 3/25 at 9:51:09 AM PST by John Hattan

Free sugary soda pop from Sun. Mmmmmm.

Free handheld game gizmo posted 3/25 at 9:49:00 AM PST by John Hattan

TapWave was giving away a free Zodiac to everyone who asked for one.

Not really.

Da Bag posted 3/25 at 9:37:18 AM PST by John Hattan

Nothing particularly startling about the bag this year. Just loads of ads and a couple of maps and schedules and such.

Graft Haul : Day One posted 3/24 at 9:57:57 PM PST by John Hattan

  • One T-shirt (I wasn't seeking out shirts, but they just sort of happen here)
  • Two canvas tote bags
  • One combination bottle opener and maraca
  • One DigiElement DVD
  • One Nokia Development SDK in fancy plastic folder
  • Two temporary tattoos
  • Two foam toy airplanes
  • One GameSTATE magazine
  • One thumb protector (for mobile phone IM-ing, quite wacky)
  • The premier issue of Journal of Game Development from Charles River, looks quite good
  • Two tins of mints
  • One small foam rubber football
  • One package of Silly Putty
  • One nVidia keychain
  • Eleven demo CD's
  • Five pens

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