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I'm taking an eye exam? Where's the 3D? Ooohh.... posted 3/28 at 7:58:00 PM PST by Gaiiden

Kodak showed me this cool new 3D display they had at the GDC this year. To be honest, it wasn't as cool as the stuff Intel was showing last year, mainly since they still had their prototype in a big huge box whereas Intel had the stereoscopic flat screen with simple glasses. But to be fair, their tech does offer a bit more than what Intel was pushing. Whether we'll actually see any of this in the near future (or slightly farther future) is still in question. 3D displays have ever been the lucrative-and-yet-still-quite-out-of-our-grasp technology. The demo Kodak gave was pretty impressive still, they showed me a football game being generated by a stereoscopic rendering, which is a single display that looks like it's broken because the image is jittering back and forth to create the dual images, and another big box brought together the images from two seperate displays of a racing game. Both created great perception of depth, however I noticed that the rearview mirror of the racing game (which was a 2D element) was fairly difficult to see. It'll be interesting how they account for 2D user interfaces mixed with 3D renderings. Kodak is simply working on the technology to license, so these big boxes will one day appear in many smaller forms as companies license the Kodak technology to build their own products.

A shot of the dual screens being joined to create the 3D image for the racing game
The big huge box. You have to put your face up to it like an eye test in order to see the 3D image properly

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