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Hidden Surface Removal

Resources Listed: 6
Hidden Surface Removal
Topic Author Description
3D Backface Culling
[Added: 7/5/2000]
Jeff Weeks  Explains what backface culling is and why it's used. 
A Compact Method for Backface Culling
[Added: 3/24/2000]
Osnat Levi, Ronen Zohar, Haim Barad, Alex Klimovitski  Introduces a method of front-end culling for improved performance. 
Binary Space Partitioning Trees and Polygon Removal in Real Time 3D Rendering
[Added: 2/16/2002]
Samuel Ranta-Eskola  This article documents the author's work developing a BSP-tree engine with physics, radiosity and network optimization. 
Geometry Culling in 3D Engines
[Added: 10/9/2000]
Pietari Laurila  Takes a look at all the major visibility culling algorithms in use today, including view frustum, occlusion, and contribution culling.  
Occlusion Culling Algorithms
[Added: 7/10/2000]
Tomas Möller and Eric Haines  From Chapter 7 of Real Time Rendering, this discusses the class of acceleration schemes known as the occlusion culling techniques. 
Quake Hidden Surface Removal
[Added: 8/22/1999]
Derek Nickel  Covers how Michael Abrash handled hidden surfaces in the original Quake. 
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