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Topic Author Description
A Simple Quaternion-based Camera
[Added: 9/22/2003]
Robert Crossland  Presents a simple quaternion-based camera that can be used to rotate the view of your camera using the mouse. 
Orientation with Quaternions
[Added: 9/14/1999]
Doug Moore  This document discusses using quaternions rather than matrices as a means to store an object's orientation information. 
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Quaternion Numbers
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Quaternion Powers
[Added: 7/6/2000]
Sobeit Void  The article will show you how to do rotations using quaternions, and bring you closer to understanding quaternions (and their powers). 
Quaternions and Orthogonal 4x4 Real Matrices
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Rotating Objects Using Quaternions
[Added: 11/18/1999]
Nick Bobick  Quaternions, often used for smooth interpolation between two angles, are becoming very popular, especially in third-person games. This document, from Gamasutra, does a good job of getting one acquainted with them. 
Rotating With Quaternions - The Maths
[Added: 5/23/2002]
Duncan Adamson  Consise explaination of the math behind quaternion rotations. 
Rotation Using Quaternions
[Added: 7/16/1999]
The Matrix and Quaternions FAQ
[Added: 2/11/2002]
  Impressive collection of information on matricies and quaternions. 
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