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Using Blender to Make Game Models Part 1

Now in Top View Extrude (EKEY) but don't move them. As soon as you Extrude them, click your LMB to leave them in the same position as the two vertices they were Extruded from. Now you can Scale (SKEY) them down. When you have two vertices selected and then use Scale, they will either be attracted to each other or repelled, depending on which way you move the mouse:

Extrude, but don't move them

It should give you these two new vertices in Front View:

Now scale them

While the new vertices are selected, make a new edge (FKEY) to connect them and then Subdivide (WKEY) to make a vertex in the center of the new edge. The WKEY opens up the Specials menu. Just choose the top option, Subdivide:

Face and Subdivide

Deselect (AKEY) all and Select (RMB) the new center vertex. In Top View move (GKEY) it to the left. Don't forget to use (MMB) to keep it straight. This will be the left side of our blade.


Go back to the left window, which was our Front View that is still Rotated. Deselect (SHIFT+RMB) the vertex we just moved and then Select (SHIFT+RMB) the two vertices that are connected to it:


Repeat the process on the right side: (FKEY) for a new edge, (WKEY) to Subdivide it, and Move (GKEY) it out in the Top View:

Rinse, repeat

Select (SHIFT+RMB) the four vertices that make up the diamond shaped base of the blade.

Change the left window back to Front View (NUMPAD 1) and Zoom (MMB) and Pan (SHIFT+MMB) it so that you have room to Extrude (EKEY) the blade straight up:

A blade

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