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Using Blender to Make Game Models Part 1

We're almost there. I find it easier to model with quads, but most of you will want your models in triangles. This is a simple matter. Select (AKEY) all of the vertices and use the Triangulate (CTRL+TKEY) to convert any quads into triangles. It will not affect any Faces that are already triangles:


Now we can exit Edit Mode (TAB) and take a look at our sword:

The Sword!

Congratulations, you've made your first Blender sword. It tops out at exactly 130 faces. With today's hardware and some figure models using a few thousand faces, I don't think 130 faces for a sword is too much. But feel free to try and lower it some more. It would actually be a good exercise. You can check the number of vertices and faces on a model at the top of the Blender screen:


Next time we will unwrap it, make a texture, and UV map it onto the sword. We will also learn to export it to DirectX. Until then, happy Blending!


Feel free to send me any feedback, questions, or comments here.

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