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Using Blender to Make Game Models Part 1

Now Deselect (AKEY) all vertices and in our Side View Select (RMB) the side vertex at the top of our blade. You should Zoom (MMB) and Pan (SHIFT+MMB) to make this easier. Extrude (EKEY) it up and over. Do not use the (MMB) for this. You do not want to make it follow the axis:


Go back to our Front View and Rotate (MMB) it again. With the top vertex still selected, Select (SHIFT+RMB) the two vertices that make up the left and back points of the blade as shown here:

3 for a face

With the 3 vertices selected we will make a Face (FKEY) out of them

A face

We'll make three more faces to complete the top of the blade. For extra speed, here is a trick I like to use. Since the next face shares 2 vertices with the face we just made, Deselect (SHIFT+RMB) the vertex on the left side and Select (SHIFT+RMB) the vertex on the right side. This is a lot quicker than deselecting all and then re-selecting two of them and a third one. Now make another Face (FKEY):

Two faces

Repeat my shortcut by Deselecting (SHIFT+RMB) one vertex and Selecting (SHIFT+RMB) the next one in line for a new Face (FKEY). Do this for the remaining two faces:

A point

Switch back to Front View (NUMPAD 1), Deselect (AKEY) all, Select (RMB) and Move (GKEY) the top vertex up or down to make the tip acceptable and then Deselect (AKEY) the vertex:


Now we have to fill in the top of the crosspiece. Let's Pan (SHIFT+MMB), Zoom (MMB), and Rotate (MMB) the Front View to get a good view of the vertices on the front and right side of the blade. Select (SHIFT+RMB) the three vertices circled in red and make a Face (FKEY) with them:


Use the technique that we used on the tip of the sword to fill in the next Face (FKEY):


Follow around with the Faces (FKEY) again:


And finally one more Face (FKEY) will round out one-fourth of the crosspiece top:


Deselect (AKEY) all and repeat this process three more times to complete the remaining Faces.

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