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Featured Articles
Below is a list of all the featured articles we've posted on GameDev.net. In addition to the articles listed here, we have hundreds of articles collected from around the net in our Reference section.

Game Design
4/24/06 Small Scale Development, Grand Scale Ideas by Vernon Dunmore
7/14/05 Massive Growing Pains Part 3 by Rick Luebbers
4/10/05 My Name is Daniel and I am a Genre Addict by Daniel Cook
2/16/05 Randomness without Replacement by David Kennerly
12/15/04 Games and the Imagination Part IV by Richard Dare
12/14/04 Game Design: Theory & Practice Second Edition Chapter 1 by Richard Rouse
10/28/04 Massive Growing Pains Part 1 by Rick Luebbers
10/25/04 Games and the Imagination Part III by Richard Dare
9/8/04 Games and the Imagination Part II by Richard Dare
7/12/04 Designing Games for the Wage Slave by Stuart Walpole
6/22/04 Games and the Imagination Part I by Richard Dare
5/22/04 MMOG Considerations by Richard Fine
4/24/04 The Two C's of Video Game Design by Richard Evans
4/6/04 Games as an Educational Tool by David Harlow
3/4/04 Difficulty in Dexterity-Based Platform Games by Victor Nicollet
1/6/04 Designing Great Games by Roger E. Pedersen
11/3/03 Violence In Video Games Part 1: The Early Medium by Arthur William Merrill
6/30/03 Chris Crawford on Game Design Chapter 21: Balance of Power by Chris Crawford
5/18/03 On Game Design Chapter 7: Gameplay by Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams
3/19/03 Evolving Game Design from Alchemy to Science by Alexander Jhin

Game Industry
10/9/06 FlashForward 2006 Report by John Hattan
8/26/06 SIGGRAPH 2006 Report by Kelly L. Murdock
3/20/06 Inside the 2006 Game Developers Conference by GameDev.net
7/6/05 How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget by Jay Barnson
6/27/05 Pull Together: Getting Team Buy-in by Rafael Chandler
5/9/05 Asset Management with ionForge Evolution® Part 2 by Lucas Heneks
4/21/05 The Cost of Insecurity - Griefing: from Anonymity to Accountability by Steven B. Davis
3/11/05 Inside the 2005 Game Developers Conference by GameDev.net
3/3/05 Introduction to Asset Management with ionForge Evolution® by Lucas Heneks
12/9/04 Marketing 101 Part 3: Advertising Part I by Joseph Lieberman
11/8/04 Serious Games Summit 2004 by David Michael and Sande Chen
10/18/04 Indie Games Con 2004 - Shovels, Consoles, Coin-Op, and Portals by David Michael
9/28/04 Game Port: Game Development in Singapore Part 3 by David Michael
8/24/04 Porting Mobile Games - Overcoming the hurdles by Allan Lau
8/13/04 Marketing 101 Part 2: Contacts and Contracts by Joseph Lieberman
7/22/04 Game Port: Game Development in Singapore Part 2 by David Michael
6/26/04 Marketing 101 Part 1: The 4 Ps by Joseph Lieberman
6/26/04 Game Port: Game Development in Singapore Part 1 by David Michael
5/29/04 Free Play: Australian Indies Come Together by David Michael
5/26/04 E3 2004 Impressions by GameDev.net
3/21/04 Inside the 2004 Game Developers Conference by GameDev.net
9/17/03 Legal Issues for Rookie Development Studios Part III by Thomas H. Buscaglia
9/3/03 Building Killer Brands in Independent Game Developers by Matthew Riggall
8/23/03 Legal Issues for Rookie Development Studios Part II by Thomas H. Buscaglia
8/21/03 Dungeons and Dreamers Chapter 1: Together by Brad King and John Borland
7/27/03 Legal Issues for Rookie Development Studios Part I: Initial Legal Issues by Thomas H. Buscaglia
7/16/03 Game Producers Panel Report by Anne Toole
6/5/03 Women In Game Development #4 by Sande Chen
6/4/03 Shareware Amateurs vs. Shareware Professionals by Steve Pavlina
5/21/03 The Clash of Mobile Platforms: J2ME, ExEn, Mophun and WGE by Pedro Amaro
3/03 Inside the 2003 Game Developers Conference by GameDev.net
2/11/03 Lessons from a Full Sail Game Design Failure by Jeremy Powlick

Music and Sound
5/1/06 Bigger Than Big: The Game Audio Explosion by Steve Kutay

10/5/06 OpenGL Frame Buffer Object 201 by Rob "phantom" Jones
10/5/06 OpenGL Frame Buffer Object 101 by Rob "phantom" Jones
10/5/06 KJam - a new build tool for game development by Rafael Baptista
9/13/06 The C++ Standard Library Part 2 by Howard "SiCrane" Jeng
6/19/06 Introduction to Debugging by Richard "superpig" Fine
5/18/06 The C++ Standard Library Part 1 by Howard "SiCrane" Jeng
5/11/06 Shaving Ping by Doug Helbling
4/28/06 The Future of PC Gaming – The Possibilities of Direct3D 10 by Oluseyi
3/11/06 Introduction to GameMonkey Script Part 2 by Oli Wilkinson
1/14/06 Introduction to GameMonkey Script Part 1 by Oli Wilkinson
12/15/05 An Overview of Microsoft's Direct3D 10 API by Jack Hoxley
8/5/05 Normal Computations for Heightfield Lighting by Jeromy Walsh
6/12/05 Using XML Technologies For Enhancing Log Files by Jack "jollyjeffers" Hoxley and Oli "evolutional" Wilkinson
5/17/05 Direct3D 9.0 with SDL by Michael Conway
5/12/05 Texturing Heightmaps by John Dexter
5/2/05 Algorithmic Forays Part 8 by Eli Bendersky
4/27/05 Ray Lighting: Creating realistic shadows for terrain by Robert Nagy
4/16/05 C++ Trees Part 2 by Justin Gottschlich
4/13/05 Motor Skill Learning in User Interfaces via Discretized Pie Menus by Jonathan H. K. Mak
3/30/05 Loading and displaying .X files without DirectX by Paul Coppens
2/6/05 A Simple Time-Corrected Verlet Integration Method by Jonathan "lonesock" Dummer
1/29/05 Algorithmic Forays Part 7 by Eli Bendersky
1/16/05 C++ Trees Part 1 by Justin Gottschlich
12/6/04 Creating a Scalable Console System with STL – Part 1 by Facundo Matias Carreiro
11/4/04 Algorithmic Forays Part 6 by Eli Bendersky
10/21/04 Item Management Systems by Victor Nicollet
10/15/04 Using the Windows Template Library Part 2: Windowing by R.Mack
10/4/04 Creating Moddable Games with XML and Scripting Part I by Oli Wilkinson
9/19/04 Simple Event Handling by Yacine Salmi
8/27/04 An Introduction to BREW and OpenGL ES by Alan Kemp
8/17/04 Algorithmic Forays Part 5 by Eli Bendersky
8/6/04 Occlusion Culling Using DirectX 9 by Dustin Franklin
7/7/04 Balanced binary search tree with a doubly linked list in C++ by Arjan van den Boogaard
6/29/04 Uniform Terrain Decalcomania by Graham Towse
6/7/04 Algorithmic Forays Part 4 by Eli Bendersky
5/29/04 Object Abstraction in OpenGL by James Sharpe
5/19/04 Creating a Generic Object Factory by Robert Geiman
4/28/04 Algorithmic Forays Part 3 by Eli Bendersky
4/16/04 Timing Pitfalls and Solutions by Jan Wassenberg
4/12/04 Using an RTF Log File by Eamonn Doherty
3/29/04 Algorithmic Forays Part 2 by Eli Bendersky
3/21/04 Procedural Planets Part 1 - Structure by Andrew True
3/15/04 Adding Realistic Rivers to Random Terrain by David Clyde
3/11/04 Designing a Screen Shot System by James Dougherty
3/7/04 Algorithmic Forays Part 1 by Eli Bendersky
2/23/04 MUD Pies Part II by Andrew Russell
1/15/04 Using the Windows Template Library Part 1: Getting Started by R.Mack
1/12/04 Getting Started with Templates by Glenn Watson
1/8/04 Striving For Graphics API Independence IV by Erik "Wazoo" Yuzwa
1/4/04 Dynamic 2D Soft Shadows by Orangy Tang
12/24/03 Design Pattern: Variant by Ernest Pazera
12/21/03 Understanding and Implementing Scene Graphs by Garret Foster
12/18/03 Playstation 2 Game Programming Part 2: Drawing Primitives by Rob Louie
12/17/03 Mouse Maps for Isometric Height Maps by Steven Harrison
12/13/03 Virtual Camera Position (VCP) by Hun Yen Kwoon
12/6/03 Real-Time Cartoon Rendering with Direct-X 8.0 Hardware by Vishvananda Ishaya
11/26/03 Using Vertex Tweening for Animation by Brian Jorgensen
11/3/03 Super Frustums by Borja Fdez. Gauna
10/28/03 Enginuity Part V by Richard "superpig" Fine
10/26/03 Using Modern C++ to Eliminate Memory Problems by Dave Mikesell
10/20/03 An Introduction To Digital Image Processing by Frédéric Patin
10/14/03 Distributing Your Games by Rob Segal
10/9/03 A* Pathfinding for Beginners by Patrick Lester
10/6/03 A Simple Point Sprite Based Particle Engine by Almar Joling
9/30/03 Terrain Generation Using Fluid Simulation by Francis "DeathWish" Woodhouse
9/28/03 SQL in 60 Seconds by Albert Sandberg
9/22/03 A Simple Quaternion-based Camera by Robert Crossland
9/14/03 Secrets of Simple Image Filtering by Kristo Kaas
9/6/03 Creating a PAK File Format by Raymond Wilson
9/1/03 Vehicle Control with Neural Networks by Philippe Kunzle
8/27/03 3D Decals by Francis "DeathWish" Woodhouse
8/19/03 Designing an Extensible Particle System using C++ and Templates by Kent "_dot_" Lai
8/15/03 Striving For Graphics API Independence III by Erik "Wazoo" Yuzwa
8/4/03 Scripting in C using Co-Routines by Thomas Tong
8/2/03 Enginuity Part IV by Richard "superpig" Fine
7/31/03 2D in Direct3D using Textured Quads by Eamonn Doherty
7/25/03 Playstation 2 Game Programming Part 1: Initialization by Rob Louie
7/13/03 Implementing Immediate Mode in Direct3D by Promit Roy
7/5/03 Enginuity Part III by Richard "superpig" Fine
6/25/03 Striving For Graphics API Independence II by Erik "Wazoo" Yuzwa
6/21/03 Concerning Lisp by Kaveh Kardan
6/11/03 Enginuity Part II by Richard "superpig" Fine
6/7/03 Beat Detection Algorithms by Frédéric Patin
6/2/03 An Introduction to Developing for Mobile Devices Using J2ME/MIDP (Part 1) by Kim Daniel Arthur
5/31/03 Distributed Gaming by Omar A. Abdelwahed
5/28/03 Enginuity Part I by Richard "superpig" Fine
5/25/03 Extremely Simple Scripting Engine by Cyberdrek
5/16/03 Cyclic Redundancy Checking by Clifford M. Roche
5/14/03 Game Unified Process by Kevin Flood
5/11/03 Precalculated Pathfinding by Richard Fine
5/8/03 Terrain Geomorphing in the Vertex Shader by Daniel Wagner
4/29/03 An Introduction to Lua by Ash Matheson
4/27/03 Implementing a Blackboard-like System for Squad-Level Combat AI: Part I: Introduction and Structure by Phillip Culliton
4/21/03 Moving Beyond OpenGL 1.1 for Windows by Dave Astle
4/20/03 XML in Games by Richard Fine
4/18/03 How to Write a Simple Maya Model Exporter by Rafael Baptista
4/14/03 Cg Bumpmapping by Razvan Surdulescu
4/13/03 MUD Pies Part I: Let's make a MUD Server by Andrew Russell
3/18/03 Automatic Portal Generation by Huling and LiZhenxiao
1/28/03 Creating a Scripting System in C++ Part V: Functionality by Greg Rosenblatt

Visual Arts
3/29/06 Bringing Warhammer: Mark of Chaos to Life by Ian Cassuto
6/20/05 Using Blender to Make Game Models Part 2 by Jeremy 'Wolfmanyoda' Cox
5/31/05 Using Blender to Make Game Models Part 1 by Jeremy 'Wolfmanyoda' Cox
10/27/03 Stop Staring Chapter 7: Building Emotion: The Basics of the Eyes by Jason Osipa

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