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Four Elements VI

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Four Elements VI

Welcome to GameDev.net's sixth Four Elements competition!

If you're new to Four Elements, welcome! Four Elements (or "4E," as many of us call it) is GameDev.net's biggest annual competition, running for about half a year. We give you four "elements," and you go off and make a game based around them. Piece of cake, huh? There's not really that much more to it - you can use whatever you can (legally) get your hands on to make your entry, and at the end of the contest, we'll judge it for things like stability and originality. Submit one of the best entries, and you'll find yourself receiving a prize!

If you've seen Four Elements before, then once again you'll see we've tweaked the rules to further balance the contest. The most notable change this year is the addition of Mac and Linux as optional target platforms, which should open the field a bit more (though to be clear, you don't get any extra points for supporting multiple platforms). The minimum spec has also been raised again. The elements are, as usual, different, but many of you will be happy to hear that they're less abstract than 4E5.


Elements Announced: September 27, 2007, at 1100 hours EST
Submissions Due: April 3, 2008, at 2300 hours EST
Judging: TBA
Winners Announced: TBA
What's in the prize pool?

5x 1 year GDNet+ membership

donated by GameDev.net

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