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The Technical Side
For BeginnersIf you're new to game development, plan on spending some time here before visiting the other forums. [Forum FAQ] 457,970 January 7, 2011
8:01:51 AM
by dandrestor
Alternative Game LibrariesFor discussion related to SDL, Allegro, FMod, OpenAL, ODE, Ogre, CrystalSpace, etc. [Forum FAQ] 30,001 January 6, 2011
12:49:58 AM
by NicolasJay
Artificial IntelligenceAll aspects of AI programming and theory [Forum FAQ] 39,501 January 6, 2011
4:27:56 PM
by comfy chair
Consoles, PDAs, and Cell PhonesFor discussion of issues involved with development on game consoles, PDAs, and cell phones. [Forum FAQ] 12,986 January 5, 2011
9:20:34 AM
by shoes163
DirectX and XNAQuestions and discussion regarding all official technologies under Microsoft's XNA branding (e.g. Direct3D and XNA Game Studio Express) as well as any unofficial and 3rd-party libraries supporting DirectX or XNA (e.g. SlimDX, tools and plugins) [Forum FAQ] 331,595 January 7, 2011
8:01:20 AM
by Buckeye
Evil Steve
Game ProgrammingDiscuss game programming topics not specifically covered in another forum. [Forum FAQ] 284,934 January 7, 2011
7:53:29 AM
by Lord_Evil
General ProgrammingThe place for discussing programming issues not related to games. [Forum FAQ] 468,158 January 7, 2011
7:55:09 AM
by RobTheBloke
Graphics Programming and TheoryAll aspects of non-API specific 2D and 3D graphics programming and theory. [Forum FAQ] 138,826 January 7, 2011
5:02:21 AM
by bwhiting
Isometric LandDiscussion of all aspects of isometric, hex, and tile-based games. [Forum FAQ] 19,619 January 2, 2011
6:18:17 PM
by JmVeneroso
Math and PhysicsDiscussion of math and physics, primarily as they apply to games. [Forum FAQ] 117,844 January 7, 2011
7:51:43 AM
by Need_ur_help
Multiplayer and Network ProgrammingMultiplayer programming and networking in games. [Forum FAQ] 50,292 January 7, 2011
7:39:36 AM
by waxx
OpenGLQuestions specific to the OpenGL API belong here. [Forum FAQ] 189,386 January 7, 2011
7:55:42 AM
by Critical_Impact
Brother Bob
Scripting Languages and Game ModsFor the discussion of scripting languages such as Lua, Python, etc., as well as game-specific scripting languages like UnrealScript. Also the place to discuss the closely related topic of mod development. [Forum FAQ] 14,805 January 7, 2011
6:16:23 AM
by saxenaknp
Software EngineeringDiscussion and feedback of all aspects of software engineering - requirements, design, UML modeling, project management, processes, etc [Forum FAQ] 9,390 January 7, 2011
3:55:50 AM
by mvBarracuda
Community Interaction
Article Proposals and RequestsSo what do you want the next Gamedev.net article to be about? [Forum FAQ] 4,525 December 21, 2010
11:05:03 AM
by kev42100
GDNet Comments, Suggestions and IdeasHelp us make this site better for you. [Forum FAQ] 19,694 January 6, 2011
1:22:06 PM
by Buckeye
GDNet LoungeChat about anything you feel like, but keep it mature and civil. It does not have to be about game development, but it should be about something; i.e. don't post JUST to post. [Forum FAQ] 1,149,036 January 7, 2011
7:36:18 AM
by Machaira
Help WantedAre you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This forum is to help hobbyists and independent game developers connect. Commercial game jobs should be listed here[Forum FAQ] 125,157 January 7, 2011
7:40:10 AM
by Zomgbie
The Business and Law of Game DevelopmentDiscuss business and legal issues related to game development. [Forum FAQ] 30,238 January 7, 2011
4:34:22 AM
by daney
Your AnnouncementsMake your web site or game project known to everyone. If you're going to spam our board, this is the place to do it! [Forum FAQ] 44,349 January 7, 2011
6:39:56 AM
by dexsoft
GD Gathering ForumsForums for GD Gathering groups and discussions related to the GD Gathering [Forum FAQ] 2,422 December 21, 2010
9:43:10 PM
by PDX2010
Michael Tanczos
The Creative Side
Game DesignGame design discussion. [Forum FAQ] 145,350 January 7, 2011
6:28:16 AM
by Acharis
Music and SoundThe artistic side of creating game music and sound effects. [Forum FAQ] 17,364 January 7, 2011
12:01:05 AM
by AntiGuy
Visual ArtsFrom 2D to 3D, all about creating art for games. [Forum FAQ] 35,765 January 6, 2011
7:45:47 PM
by MikeRasicci
Writing for GamesForum for creative criticism, idea exchange, and instruction in the art of writing for games [Forum FAQ] 21,787 January 7, 2011
6:24:40 AM
by dr Jack
Special Interest
Breaking into the Games IndustryTalk about breaking into the industry, how and where to find jobs, getting an education in games, and other career-related questions and topics. [Forum FAQ] 3,722 January 6, 2011
7:43:38 PM
by Amyrildora
Tom Sloper
.NETDiscussion of all issues related to .NET, including managed DirectX and C#. [Forum FAQ] 30,052 January 6, 2011
12:25:53 PM
by EvilWeebl
Everything UnixDiscuss anything related to *BSD, Irix, Linux, Mac, Solaris, etc. [Forum FAQ] 22,930 January 6, 2011
8:22:36 PM
by Prune
Null and Void
Java DevelopmentA Java grande with game development flavoring. Hold the whip cream. [Forum FAQ] 28,813 January 7, 2011
7:29:50 AM
by Danny02
Web DevelopmentThis forum includes discussion topics such as developing Flash and other web-based games, as well as web development in general (HTML, ASP/PHP/JSP, SQL and databases, etc.). [Forum FAQ] 23,425 January 4, 2011
9:04:50 AM
by igo88
Hardware DiscussionSwap news and views about gaming and game development hardware. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A TECH SUPPORT FORUM. [Forum FAQ] 3,830 January 4, 2011
3:51:20 AM
by Rubicon
AngelCodeGame development and more... [Forum FAQ] 9,838 January 7, 2011
1:52:02 AM
by philipbennefall
Events for GamersDiscuss various events happening in the industry, from conferences to gaming expos to consumer shows. See who's attending, get the latest news, arrange room shares, etc! [Forum FAQ] 34 August 28, 2010
12:37:14 AM
by wforl
Mathew Anderson
Gamedev: The comic / Gamedev: Humour PortalFeedback and discussion on Gamedev: The comic and Gamedev: Humour Portal [Forum FAQ] 2,764 November 26, 2010
12:10:17 AM
NeHe ProductionsEverything OpenGL [Forum FAQ] 88,487 January 3, 2011
11:33:11 AM
by V12Games
Interactive Discussion
GDNet ContestsDiscuss GameDev.net's ongoing contests. [Forum FAQ] 7,666 November 26, 2010
12:13:55 AM
Image of the DayDiscussion for images submitted by members. Everyday one noteworthy image is selected to be showcased on our front page. [Forum FAQ] 24,849 January 7, 2011
4:49:05 AM
by speedy1984
Nehe NewsThis forum is dedicated to the discussion of news from nehe.gamedev.net. [Forum FAQ] 218 November 21, 2010
9:54:02 AM
by a014
Article FeedbackComment on featured articles posted on GameDev.net [Forum FAQ] 9,002 January 6, 2011
2:26:08 PM
by LillianH
Developer JournalsDeveloper Journals [Forum FAQ] 76,031 January 6, 2011
10:28:16 PM
by dbaumgart
News DiscussionNews topic discussion [Forum FAQ] 34,716 January 7, 2011
3:48:15 AM
by m3rlino
Book DiscussionBooks related discussion [Forum FAQ] 1,289 October 12, 2010
2:59:10 PM
by johnhattan
4E5 EntriesSubmitted entries for the Four Elements 5 development contest. [Forum FAQ] 312 March 31, 2008
6:07:08 PM
by F1N1TY
4E6 EntriesEntries for the Four Elements VI contest [Forum FAQ] 105 August 12, 2008
2:47:37 AM
by anothrguitarist
Completed Workshops
C# WorkshopDedicated forums for the accelerated 10 week C# workshop, beginning July 1st, 2007. [Forum FAQ] 2,466 December 29, 2010
1:07:30 PM
by Gaiiden
CPP WorkshopDedicated forum for the C++ Workshop, running from June 1st, 2006. [Forum FAQ] 1,503 November 25, 2010
4:31:51 PM
by Awoken
Freehand Drawing WorkshopHow anyone can get better at art, running from October 28th, 2006 [Forum FAQ] 423 September 11, 2008
6:17:11 AM
by Maveryck
SICP WorkshopWorkshop for those studying "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs." [Forum FAQ] 330 April 12, 2010
4:19:54 AM
by pshin05
Muhammad Haggag
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