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GameDev.net Premium Memberships

GameDev.net is pleased to offer GDNet+ premium memberships. By becoming a GDNet+ member, you'll gain access to additional services to get the most out of the site. Besides giving you access to great new services and features, becoming a premium member is a great way to show your support for GameDev.net. Read on to find out more, or click here if you're ready to sign up now!

How to Join GDNet+

To become a GDNet+ member, you must first register for a free GameDev.net account. If you do not already have one, you can create one in a few moments by clicking here.

The next step is to click on this link and choose the plan you would like. As soon as we confirm your payment, the services above will become available to you.

GDNet+ Benefits

GDNet+ benefits include access to services, features, and discounts that are not otherwise avaiable to GameDev.net members. These are fully detailed in the table below.


GD Gathering

The GD Gathering portion of our site is one of our newest offerings. A GD Gathering group is a group of people that share a common interest, game development. Unlike our online community, they have the added convenience of actually living near each other! Actual gathering groups are created and managed by people like you!

So what can you do special as a GDNet+ member? You can:

  • Search for groups around a city based on some search radius
  • See a html-based list of people who live near you. Includes their city, a profile link, and a private message link!
  • Create groups for others to join
  • Administer groups and even host gathering events
  • Create custom group avatars to uniquely identify your group
  • Gain host status in groups you aren't currently the leader of!
  • Post news within a gathering group
  • Invite new members to your group

Also, GDNet+ members show up in a gold color on our member map, making you stand out in the crowd.

Developer Journal

GameDev.net Developer Journals allow you to document your experiences on a daily basis throughout the development process. Whether you are currently working on a project or not, the journal is essentially a diary of your experiences. When a new journal entry is added, your name will appear at the top of the list of recently updated diaries along with a description and your personal avatar.

You can also use this page to track how many times your journal has been viewed by others. Each individual journal entry can be commented on by other members of the community. This provides an easy way to obtain feedback about problems or experiences expressed in an entry. Using the web hosting feature through members.gamedev.net, it is also possible to host images and files that can be linked to from within an entry.

Game Development Showcase

The Game Development Showcase is one of the oldest and best known features of GameDev.net. In the GDS, you can showcase your games and projects with an opportunity for feedback from other developers. As part of your membership, you'll get plenty of server space and an unlimited number of projects to upload and showcase.

Whether you just want to get exposure for your game, or you'd like peer feedback on a game-in-progress, the GDS will be an invaluable tool.


GDNet+ membership will also provide you with basic web hosting. This hosting will provide you with up to 50 megabytes of space with which to store your html, archive, and image files online through members.gamedev.net. With the hosting feature you will get your own space at http://members.gamedev.net/your_user_name. You will also be able to link to your journal in an easy manner at any time by using the url http://members.gamedev.net/your_user_name/journal/. Files for your web space are managed directly from your control panel.

You can also manage your files through standard FTP by setting your favorite FTP client to log into "members.gamedev.net" on port 21 (standard FTP port) using your Gamedev.net username and password.

Some potential uses for your own web space include making it possible to post images in the forum, or host zip files to make it easy for others to download your work. The online space can even be used as an easy way to transport files between home, school, and work. You can even host a complete website at members.gamedev.net.

Forum Extras

Regular posters to our forums will appreciate the following perks of GDNet+ membership:

  • Cool Title - You won't be a regular member anymore! You will receive a bright GDNet+ title next to your name, signifying that you are one of our premium members.
  • Custom Post Icons - Unique icons (and some of the classics) in a set just for GDNet+ members. Not even moderators or staff members have access to some of these. You can even send us 15x15 icons and we'll consider adding them to the set.
  • Avatars - Avatars are 50x50 non-animated icons that you can use to establish an identity. Associating a picture with your name will make you more recognizable on the forums.
  • Themes - We've provided a growing number of themes that modify the colors and icons used on the site. One of these is shown in the figure to the right.

Additional Benefits

Bulk Ad Removal

Tired of popups and annoying ads for things that don't remotely interest you? Joining GDNet+ is the guilt-free way to get rid of them. GDNet+ members who are logged in will only be shown ads directly sold by the GameDev.net sales team. These ads will generally be targeted to game developers, and since we're working directly with the advertisers, won't be intrusive or misleading. Popups/unders and bulk ads will be disabled for GDNet+ members.


GameDev.net has negotiated agreements with companies offering goods and services for game developers to give GDNet+ members discounts. These are:

We will continue to negotiate for future discounts to further add value to your membership.

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